What is Honey Boo Boo doing now?

The ‘Honey Boo Boo’ reality star Alana Thompson is all grown up now! The child beauty pageant from T.L.C.’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” where she received a lot of attention for her funny and unique demeanor has come a long way. Alana is now 17 years old and is off to college to pursue a nursing degree. She will be attending Regis University and will make the move to Denver with her boyfriend Dralin Carswell. “I’ll be moving off campus for security reasons and because Dralin is coming with me,” Thompson explains in an interview with ET. Alana and Dralin met in their small town in Georgia and have been dating for three years now.  “I think he’s more excited to move out there than me,” said Thompson. It’ll be the first time for the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ star and her beau to move in together. “I think it’ll be good for us honestly and I mean, I think it will be fun. Even though I’m moving halfway across the country, it’ll be good for me.”

The T.L.C. personality star is not sure what her future holds with Dralin but she hopes for the best. When asked if Dralin was the one, Thompson responded “I can’t say that because I don’t know what life holds, but I hope.” The couple has even discussed children and has support from their families in their relationship.

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' and sisters Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird and Jessica gathered with family and friends on Easter

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She also revealed her thoughts on Greek life and has confirmed that she has no interest in partaking that college lifestyle and remains adamant about focusing on her studies. “I don’t want to be part of a sorority because — and don’t hound me for saying this — all sorority girls are stuck up! That’s not me. I’m not a Chanel bag type of girl. I’m gonna do my studies and graduate in 2029.”

“Yeah, I have been on TV my whole life and I kind of just basically accepted that whether I want to go be a nurse or I want to go be an accountant, whatever I want to go be, that I will always be in the spotlight”, Thompson explained to ET. She doesn’t want to be on camera her whole life but feels that it is her fate. “It doesn’t matter what I do, I will always probably be known as, ‘Oh my god, Honey Boo Boo’s working on my baby when he was in the NICU.'”


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