Is Sabrina Carpenter’s song Espresso stolen? 

HOLR is breaking down the alleged claims following the release of Carpenter’s new single, Espresso.

Sabrina Carpenter Espresso

Sabrina Carpenter took to TikTok to share this new video promoting her latest song, Espresso. In the caption, she claims that the corresponding video is out now. The video features retro vibes as Carpenter can be seen on a beach surrounded by her girls and handsome men.



♬ espresso sped up – kai

However, commenters were seemingly more concerned with allegations that Carpenter allegedly stole the song from artist Alex Urbane.

The commenters are alleging that Carpenter’s song Espresso is similar to Urbane’s, “Expresso.”

An official clip for Urbane’s Expresso was reportedly released 3 years ago and can supposedly be found on this YouTube channel. Urbane is reportedly a French artist. Carpenter’s new music video for her song, Espresso, can be found here.

This seemingly sparked a heated debate in the comment section. Although some commenters have allegedly found similarities between the songs, others don’t believe that the songs sound alike or feature similar visuals.

Carpenter has not addressed these recent claims but there is no concrete evidence to support these rumors that the song was allegedly stolen.

What are your thoughts on these rumored claims? Again, there is no evidence to support claims the songs are similar or that Espresso was allegedly stolen from another artist.

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Image Credits: @sabrinacarpenter TikTok

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