All about the founder and the brand’s latest drop!

Kure Candles is a Canadian-based brand that hand pours the dreamiest candles you need to get your hands on as soon as possible. Today, HOLR is sitting down with the brand’s founder, Sara Mir, to chat about the latest Dose of Happiness candle drop and what makes Kure Candles so unique. Keep reading to find out all about the founder and her incredible brand. 

Tell us about yourself and how you founded Kure Candles?

After spending the last 4 years working as a creative lead for a tech start-up (which I also co-founded) I decided it was time to start my own journey. Over the years I’ve worked on many design projects from streetwear to reusable water bottles. Nothing makes me happier than bringing an idea to life. 

A lot of scents take you on aromatic adventures to familiar places. When I created this collection, I wanted each scent to create new memories instead of nostalgic ones. Kure is a wellness brand that is centred around sustainability and self-care. I always light candles around my room, it’s definitely part of my self-care routine. Unfortunately, I found that many of my favourite candles were made with toxic ingredients such as paraffin, which is a by-product of crude oil. I wanted to create vegan candles with clean, eco-friendly ingredients that I could burn for hours—which is what led me to Kure.

Talk to us about Kure Candles and what makes them unique?

Kure candles are hand-poured in small batches with luxury coconut-soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. Every candle is vegan and non-toxic. Kure aims to create an exciting experience for our customers from the moment their candle arrives, until months later when they are repurposing their candle vessels. 

Our packaging consists of recyclable & biodegradable materials. With each candle sold Kure supports different mental health initiatives. After launching our first collection we are beyond grateful for the amount of support from our growing Kure community as well as some of our favourite creators, including Emma Rose Leger!

Can you share some details about each of the scents available on the site right now?

We just launched our first collection called Dose of Happiness which has 3 scents. 

Daydream is our magical floral scent with notes of agave, violet, and cactus. Imagine being in the desert surrounded by flowers. Warm Hug will take you back to the beach with notes of sea salt, jasmine, and lily. Sweet Sunday is my personal favourite – we blended mango, coconut, and sugar to create this yummy tropical scent, it’s currently our best seller!

Where can we find Kure Candles?

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, and currently ship across Canada and the US through our website You will also be able to find us in local stores starting next month! 

What’s next for the brand?

We are already dreaming up our next collection along with a few exciting collaborations. I envision Kure candles being even more than a delightful-smelling-side-table statement piece. My vision is to grow the Kure community while providing a platform that supports mental wellness and sustainability.

Check out to shop the latest drop.

Published by HOLR Magazine.