The climate crisis is worsening and its effects are slowly, but surely taking a toll on planet earth. A new study finds that the world’s leading economies are failing to meet environmental commitments made in the Paris agreement in order to curb climate catastrophe and rising global warming.


Photo Credit: Wallpaper Flare (2021)

While it is important to hold governments and large-scale organizations accountable, individual action matters as well. If we all collectively focused on practical, sustainable ways in reducing our carbon footprint, movement towards lessening carbon emissions and sustaining earth at the agreement’s 1.5 C target may be possible.

Here are five ways you can reduce your carbon footprint in your life.

Eat Low on the Food Chain

Eating low on the food chain means focusing on whole produce such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans. Livestock is responsible for of total greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing consumption on meat and dairy reduces your carbon footprint greatly.

Don’t Buy Fast Fashion

Trendy cheap clothes from producers such as Shein and Fashionova often go out of fashion quickly and end up in landfills. Moreover, these clothing items produce methane as they decompose. If choosing to buy clothing, opt for vintage or recycled clothing at consignment shops; this extends the life of garments as they or re-used and repurposed.

Drive Less, Take Public Transit More

Transportation is one of the largest major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. An average car produces five tons of CO2 each year; if everyone were to utilize public transit, carbon emission levels would greatly decrease.

Unplug Devices, Turn off Lights When you Can

A study shows that turning electronics such as the television has a much bigger impact than previously thought. Turning off electronic appliances will help save energy and reduces carbon emissions by saving electricity. When possible, use natural light instead of electrically powered lighting devices.


Recycling is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon emissions. Making an effort to properly recycle items such as aluminium cans, plastic, glass, and paper will help reduce carbon emissions long term.

There are so many ways you can actively help protect the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. Find ways that work for you and stick with it!

Published by HOLR Magazine.