Shipping container homes are increasingly popular and trendy in the community because of the outstanding advantages in cost, construction time, and mobility that it brings.

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Villas, homestays, or apartments are familiar to people with various prices ranging from a few hundred million to several billion. Thus, it will be challenging for low-income people to buy a traditional house to live in. This will put a lot of pressure on people with economic and financial burdens. Therefore, recently, a new type of house called shipping container homes has emerged unique and attracts people because of its architectural convenience, affordable price, and highly flexible.

What are shipping container houses?

A shipping container house is a type of house designed and built in the form of a container structure, or used old shipping containers are processed and assembled to become a complete house. Container houses can be hung on high or placed on the ground depending on the owner’s preferences. 

For those with high aesthetic needs. Container houses are assembled and arranged in harmony with the design, bringing uniqueness and novelty. Container houses come in all shapes and sizes.

Why are they becoming more popular? 

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It can be seen that the first exceptional advantage of the shipping container house is mobility. This type of house is suitable for many kinds of terrain, such as hills or urban areas. Therefore, homeowners do not need to worry about all kinds of terrain to own this type of house.

Low Investment Cost

By taking advantage of construction materials that use old containers, the container house saves a lot of money on construction costs. Compared to the typical traditional house style, people have to start designing the house structure and architecture and then start the basic frame construction steps to have a house. Particularly, initial steps like this cost many construction and design engineers, not to mention the cost of buying furniture in the house.

Therefore, shipping containers have been eliminated at the beginning when the raw material is already available, which is the container. And civil engineers just need to design and install accordingly.

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Environmental Protection 

Another benefit that the container house brings that we can easily see is that it helps to handle the old used containers. In addition, the construction process from old containers also leaves less construction waste compared to traditional construction. It can be seen that building a house in the model of a container is environmentally friendly, helping to protect the environment better than a traditional reinforced concrete house.

Time and Effort Saving

With the construction and assembly of container blocks together, the assembled container house has the particular advantage of quick construction. You will not have to spend too much time and effort on the design and construction of the house frame. Instead, you will have more time to design the container house according to your ideas and desires. And the time to buy furniture for home decoration will also be more abundant, helping you get a complete home.

With low investment cost, convenience, easy to move, modern design that can be built on many complex types, this is the type of house that will become much more trendy in the near future.