WWE Superstar CJ “Lana” Perry stars opposite Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo in the upcoming sci-fi-action feature COMIC SIN set for release in theatres, on-demand and on digital March 12th. 

Photo Credit: Diana Ragland

The film’s official synopsis reads, “Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo star in the new epic sci-fi adventure set in the year 2524, four hundred years after humans started colonizing the outer planets. Retired Military General James Ford (Willis) is called back into service after soldiers on a remote planet are attacked by a hostile alien fleet.

CJ “Lana” Perry has also appeared in E!’s Show “Total Divas,” “Pitch Perfect 1 & 2” and had a breakout acting role in the fantasy/romance feature film titled “Another Version of You” as Gwyneth. This last film was an Audience Award-winning at the Nashville Film Festival, was released in 2019, and Lana was also an Executive Producer.

Can you tell HOLR’s audience a bit about landing such an exciting role?

I was shocked that I was going to be in a movie with Bruce Willis.  It is honestly still pretty surreal anytime I get to work with someone I grew up watching and admired. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I’m also grateful that I resisted the temptation to whisper, “I see dead people,” every time he was on set.

What was the process like preparing for the show and getting into character?

It was quite a whirlwind. The turnaround was extremely quick.  I had about a week to prepare and we only had two weeks to film before we were shut down by the global pandemic.  Everything had to be shot in one take, so the stakes were extremely high. But coming from WWE, I was ready to do whatever needed to be done to get the take.

Is there anything you can tell us about Sol? Can you relate to her in any way?

She is the only female sniper, which is something I can relate to quite a bit after years of working in wrestling and break dancing, two industries that are often very male-dominated.  The role was initially written for a male, so I was very honoured that it was changed to a female character after I auditioned.  Growing up with two brothers, I’ve always been competitive and always have worked hard to “keep up with the guys” per-say so it was very rewarding to take on a role that reflects that.

Photo Credit: Diana Ragland

How was this movie different from the others you have been a part of?

Definitely the short period of time to prepare.  The urgency and pressure to get everything correct the first take was challenging but very exhilarating and a great learning experience.   Also, it was my first sci-fi movie which was so exciting as I’m a science fiction nerd in real life. I’m not ashamed to admit that when I saw the costumes and special effects I kept making myself chuckle by saying, “these are definitely out of this world.”

What inspired you to start acting?

My passion for performing was cultivated growing up as a ballerina.  I always have had a desire to tell stories, entertain, and try to inspire people.  But even more, I fell in love with that fact that acting makes you put yourself in someone else shoes and learn about subjects and cultures you may have not otherwise been familiar with.  I strive to constantly learn and grow as a person, and acting can help to open up little avenues to understand people a little more. Even if they are sci-fi snipers.

As many WWE fans know, there are a lot of elements of acting in wrestling. Did this help at all in preparing your career in acting?

Yes,  WWE and being on live television definitely helped me prepare for shooting in one take for Cosmic Sin.  In WWE we are story-tellers, actors, athletes and vaudevillian performers, so we’re uniquely positioned to take on just about any challenge or role in other movies and television programs.

Are you really the best sniper in the Galaxy?

I’m not quite sure. But let’s just say that anytime in life I’ve “shoot my shot” I’ve done okay. On the other hand, I once tried to fire off a party popper and hit myself in the forehead. But in general, I strive to be the best that I can be at everything rather than compare myself to others. As for Sol, you will have to watch the movie to find out.