According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drink-driving in the U.S. kills one person every fifty-two minutes. So, you need to ensure you avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have too much alcohol in your system. Always.

What Happens if You Cause an Accident While Under the Influence of Alcohol

First off, let us look at what happens if you should cause an accident due to being under the influence of alcohol.

You can cause injuries to your passengers, the people in the other vehicle, and yourself. The types of injuries could range from minor to life-changing. Common injuries that occur from auto accidents include whiplash, back injuries, burns, broken bones, fractures, internal injuries, and spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis. As well as potentially being injured and causing injuries or even death to other people involved in the accident, there are stiff penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Often, drink-driving is considered a felony. It depends on the extent of the injuries and other factors. If you are charged with a felony, you will probably have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and you could even face time in jail. Your license will be suspended for a certain period, too. Furthermore, you could be held to account for the victims’ injuries and have to pay hefty damages as compensation.

Getting SR22 Insurance After a Drink-Driving Conviction

Once your license is reinstated after your conviction, you will need to get SR22 insurance.

That means your insurer must provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with an SR22 certificate to prove you meet the minimum insurance requirements.

As someone with a DUI conviction, your current insurer could increase your premium or drop your policy. If that happens, compare different insurance companies to find cheap SR22 insurance.

How to Avoid Drink Driving

You now know what happens if you cause an accident while under the influence of alcohol. But if you always remember to take the right steps, you can avoid drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle in the first place.

Here are some helpful ways of ensuring you never drive when you are over the state alcohol limit.

Choose a Designated Driver

If you are going on a night out to a place that serves alcohol, it can be tempting to have a small drink. Even if the alcohol level means you are under the limit, once you have had one drink, it can be more tempting to have another.

On nights out with friends, make sure you designate someone as the driver. When people are given that responsibility, they will not let alcohol pass their lips because they know they are responsible for the passengers’ wellbeing.

Use Public Transport

Likewise, if you are going on a night out and you want to drink, simply use public transport. Buses and trains will run late in cities.

You also have the option of getting a cab. If you share a cab with your friends, it does not have to be that expensive.

Never Give in to Peer Pressure

If you intend to not drink alcohol but find yourself giving into peer pressure to have a drink, you will be too drunk to safely drive.

That means you could cause a serious accident and potentially face life-changing injuries and jail time. So, never give in to peer pressure.


Simply ignore people’s pleas to have a drink. Alternatively, if you change your mind of your own free will and decide to drink alcohol, never get in your car to get home. Use public transport or get a cab instead.