If you have to sit for a considerable length at a desk every workday, it is prudent to invest in an ergonomic seat. An ergonomic seat is a piece of equipment, if efficiently used, that maximizes back, neck, and arm support to maintain a good posture. The chair needs professional adjustments to fit your body proportions to get optimum benefit from it. An unsuitable seat causes backs, neck, shoulders, arms, and many other body pains, in addition to a bad posture. There are essential features to consider when you want to purchase an ideal office seat. Some of these features are;


An office seat requires a minimum of five legs for stability. Such a seat will not tip over when one reclines while seated. The office chair should have wheels to swivel to avoid too much body turning and stretching that would affect the spine. The chair’s casters should provide stable movement even when the seat is reclined or adjusted to different heights. 

Adjustable Backrest. 

If it is separate from the seat, the backrest should be adjustable in both angle and height. It will then provide adequate support to the spine and the lumbar region. If the chair and the backrest are one piece, it should be possible to adjust backrest height, forward and back angles. Ensure the chair has a locking system to fix it at an appropriate angle. 

Comfortable Seat Pan

It is the padded flat sitting area where you sit. The sitting pan should have rounded edges that extend for an inch or two from your body on both sides for best comfort. The seat needs to distribute your weight evenly on the seat pan and tilt back or forward to allow room for posture. It will reduce pressure on the back of the thighs. 

Adjustable Lumbar Support

It is essential to get a seat that protects the lower back for the sake of the spine. The spine curves inward and needs support if one sits for an extended period. It will prevent slouching as well as strain in the lower spine. An ideal seat should have adjustable height and depth for proper lumbar support as this will protect the lower back and inward curve of the spine. 

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests will support the arms and reduce pressure on the lower back. Armrests help to maintain a good posture. You will be able to read and write comfortably if the armrests are correctly adjusted. The shoulders and neck will be at ease without tension. With adjustable armrests, you can adjust the height of the armrests to fine-tune the armrests to different positions. This will give you support as you do various tasks. 

The Material of the Seat

The material of the seat should be strong, durable, non-slip, easy to clean, and breathable. It should be designed to provide sufficient padding on the seat pan and back as they’re the areas the body is in contact with the seat. Adequate padding ensures comfort for an extended sitting. The breathable material is recommended as the seat will emit moisture formed from the body contact. 

Seat Height 

The height of an ideal seat that can prevent back and neck pains should be easily adjustable. Such as the seat’s overall height from the floor to the highest point ranges approximately 16 to 21 inches. It is possible to keep the feet on the floor, keep thighs horizontal and arms at even height with the desk. This allows the arms to comfortably reach the desk since they are at an even height.

Adjustable Seat Pan Depth

People have different heights and leg lengths. Therefore, they need seats that have varying heights of the seat pan from the floor. A seat pan that is too deep causes a slouched body posture that causes back pain. A seat with an adjustable seat pan depth is good as it will be possible to sit with a good posture that will protect the back. A seat pan that is at the right height prevents fatigue as well when one is working. 

It’s very miserable to have a desk job that requires sitting for many hours, and you suffer from back pains. Get an ideal seat to improve your sitting posture and be comfortable. If you do not have back pains, it’s advisable to invest in an ergonomic seat to prevent such body aches. Once you get the seat, request a knowledgeable person to adjust the chair for you to a position that fits your body size. A suitable seat will give you a good posture, and you will enjoy your time at work. Invest in an ideal chair for the sake of your overall health.