Undoubtedly, the habit to constantly improve one’s knowledge is a necessary skill in the modern world. Education must be present not only in the classroom but also out of it. In order to succeed, learning must become a part of one’s lifestyle. Those who never stop discovering new things and master their skills can reach great results in each sphere of living. If you are interested in how to cultivate learning as a lifestyle among students, read more about some strategies below.

What educators can do?

Encourage freedom

Essentially, everybody is responsible for their own learning. So outside of institutions, students are expected to learn on their own. Giving them the freedom to organize this process is necessary to teach responsibility for self-education. Moreover, it’s important to demonstrate to students the rewards for taking such responsibility. They may include improved self-esteem, pride in achievement, and the independence they seek. Also, it contributes to their ability to help others.

Transform mistakes into opportunities

Making mistakes means learning. Faults may lead to new opportunities as they help to find new ways of thinking and figure out what may work. Mistakes show us better ways to do things and give insights into hidden knowledge. Therefore, you should treat students’ mistakes as opportunities, and never as failures. This way, they won’t be afraid of trying something new and doing what they are bad at. Such an attitude helps to incorporate learning in daily life and allows students to grow.

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Let them teach

Scientists agree that learning is most efficient when we teach our knowledge to others. Teachers should engage students in assisting them and guiding their peers. This is a great way for students to both get knowledge and be an inspiration for their classmates.


Making the study process fun and enjoyable is essential for students’ learning. To avoid resistance and associating learning with unpleasant feelings, one should add play to academic activities. To make it a part of one’s lifestyle, learning must be related to the joy of discovery and personal growth. Students should never see it as a boring or exhausting chore, but rather as an adventure.

Provide helpful learning tools

Every student has their own tricks to help them out during the study. One always chooses the most efficient ones from the dozens of things for better learning. Some like taking part in debates or discussions while others prefer watching educational videos or listening to podcasts. Therefore, teachers should provide students with a wide array of learning tools.

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Set ambitious goals

All activities must have a clear purpose and learning is not an exception. Students should always realize a valid and worthwhile reason for studying. To become an integral part of one’s lifestyle, learning must be meaningful and useful. It should help people move forward within their lives. So strengthening the desire to learn is possible with the help of goal setting. Teachers can encourage creating a “to-learn” list that includes ideas for new areas of study. Students can set any targets that motivate them, starting from learning a new language to computer programming.

Put knowledge into practice

The desire to learn depends a lot on whether gained knowledge can be applied in real life. Learning is useless if it’s not put into use. Reading a book on programming isn’t the same as writing a computer program as well as studying art isn’t the same as painting.

Learning is a great activity that expands your way of thinking. Good knowledge gives you the potential to improve your life and boost personal growth. Mastering your skills is essential for success, so it must become a lifelong routine if you want to achieve great things. Moreover, the process of learning itself may be a source of enjoyment.

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Vendy Adams is an academic writer and online tutor for students. He helps them to write different types of assignments and edits written works. As a tutor, Vendy teaches students learning skills and helps them to make studying a daily habit.