Summer is fast approaching, and that means the songs of the summer are too. And just like the season, Summer music, when done right, always has immaculate vibes. Here are some tips on how to curate your perfect summer playlist.

How to Curate the Perfect Summer Playlist

Summer music can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Generally, the emotions we associate with the summertime are happy ones, laid-back feelings of fun in the sun, days on the beach, and dancing in the sunset. But even these moods can carry different nuances for different people. 

That’s why the best summer playlist is always going to be your summer playlist. Find out what moods you feel most summery and look for songs that reflect that. Maybe the bright and upbeat sound of surf rock makes you feel like the music’s sunny namesake sport, so basing a playlist off of a specific genre like that can work. Or maybe you like the laid-back, carefree feeling of summer vacation and want to sway your hips to some slow dancehall or calypso. 

How to Curate the Perfect Summer Playlist

Or maybe it’s less the specific sound of the songs and more the emotion that the music elicits in you. There are several different artists, albums, and genres dedicating to producing chill music of many different types, for example, but if that relaxing feel is what you’re looking for then throw on a mix of dream pop, indie rock, and lofi hip hop. Whatever it is, whether it’s sound or feeling, the first step towards curating any good playlist is figuring out what ties all the songs together.

Once you’ve found that you can start with the base of the playlist. Whether it’s a specific musical aesthetic that gets you in the summery mood, or more the set of emotions the music presents that you associate with the season, you’ll want to pick a handful of songs that reflect that. These can be new songs that immediately say “summer” to you on first listen, or old sun-soaked classics that you know and love. Pick songs that speak that summer vibe you’ve found, and go from there. 

How to Curate the Perfect Summer Playlist

Spotify and Apple music both have solid algorithms for suggesting songs with common elements. On Spotify and Last FM, you can look at each artist’s page and find a section on similar artists, artists who have a lot of overlapping fanbases, or who share similar musical qualities. Using tools like these, you can start to play the matching game with the strong base you already built that you know gives you those summer vibes. Find new artists, albums, and tunes that fit that mood, and you’re on your way to having the perfect summer playlist.

If you’re looking for a couple of suggestions, here are a few tracks this year that would fit great on any bright and sunny playlist:

  1. Peaches – Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, Giveon
  2. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA
  4. Butter – BTS
  5. Titans – Major Lazer, Sia, Labrinth