Hailing from Sweden, Jacob Olofsson and Rami Dawod have been releasing music under the
clever alias “Jarami” since 2015, the title being a combination of the pair’s first names. Their
latest release serves as a follow up to the 2017 EP ‘Sketches’, aptly named ‘Sketches II’.


While the EPs have their similarities, ‘Sketches II’ elevates the pair’s sound to new heights, providing a more in depth look at Jarami’s vocal capabilities.
You may be familiar with the duo for producing pop royalty, Camila Cabello, or R&B legend
Frank Ocean. However, the ‘Sketches II’ EP provides a unique twist on the catchy tunes that we all know and love. The collection boasts a heavy influence from Jarami’s jazz roots, which
means that this EP is extra groovy, each song flowing together in perfect harmony.

The pair actually write and produce all of their own content, right down to the visuals and the
vocals. This commitment to their music also allows Jarami to be quite adventurous when it
comes to evolving their sound. Each song, while keeping with the high-energy, funky vibe
intrinsic to Jarami, has its own story completely unique to that song.

The strengths of the ‘Sketches II’ EP lie in its versatility. It has the potential to be the soundtrack to your summer, while not overwhelming you with a tropical dance beat. The track listing sounds perfect when played back to back, but the classic nature of them also allows them to fit perfectly into your custom tailored playlist.


Whether you’re into funky house music or not, Jarami promise to be a growing name in the
music industry, and their sound is one that can be appreciated by lovers of all genres. This duo
is constantly pushing the boundaries, and is sure keep you on your toes with every new release.

Listen to “Sketches II” and their single, “No Chance” Here:


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