One of the larger expenses in one’s lifetime is their wedding… and being a guest at multiple ones in a short period time can be just as expensive. The tricky part is, weddings are generally extremely fun and skipping even one will probably give you the biggest FOMO. With the bells ringing and the season in full effect, it’s important you stay on a budget.



Little black dresses are not your friend during wedding season. Seriously – wearing dark colours for an outdoor wedding can have you absorbing the sun’s heat much more than you’d like. Weddings are fun and lively occasions so it’s a great opportunity to wear your favourite summer dress that otherwise sits in your closet. If not that, I recommend getting a neutral and/or light coloured dress that you can wear over and over again if you play around with the styling each time. Photos will be snapped, so different accessories and styling will freshen up the look.


Start saving early. With many weddings these days being destination weddings, everything can get pricey. However, as soon as you get the invitation, start setting money aside. That way, you’ll be able to budget your own life while preparing for the wedding.

Don’t think a destination wedding will break the bank either. This is actually a great opportunity to take a vacation and go to the wedding at the same time. Two birds, one stone.


Probably the priciest part of a wedding is the gift. The best thing is to stay away from monetary gifts and lean more towards actual presents the couple can decorate their home with or keep as a memory that reminds them of you. While staying along the lines of the registry, aim to be unique with your gift. Perhaps personalizing the item with embroidery or engraving. The options are endless.