Keeping it classy while the sun and humidity invade you can be a difficult task. Whether it’s the colour, material or fit, knowing what it takes to keep things cooler can change the whole outcome of your outing. Summertime is the greatest opportunity to show your relaxed yet sophisticated approach to style, as it is usually the time where the most outings, catching up with friends and nights on patios occur. This guide is to help you not stress about looking good and being comfortable while out on a date or enjoying summer nights with the boys.


The following images portray outfits that all use the same general guidelines. 

A Crisp White Tee

You’ll notice that most of these looks all incorporate a white tee. It will be your best friend in the summer due to it’s effortlessly cool look that can pair with an endless amount of bottoms. Pair with denim like the image above for a relaxed look.

Grey Casual/Dress Pants

These are hot but won’t make you feel like it. Jeans can trap a lot of heat in the warmer months, so opting for a loose fitting lighter material can feel a whole lot better. These casual yet dressy pants make looking good the easiest task.

Pop of Colour

Nothing makes you stand out better than carefully choosing how you use colour in your ensemble. The image above demonstrates two sweet tips when putting together a clean night out ensemble. Firstly, stripes work well with bright colours. Secondly, a colourful sneaker with a colourless outfit is a great contrast.

Light and Edgy Jacket

Adding layers to an outfit will make it that much more polished, but this can be tricky when it’s hot out. Denim jackets can be the perfect balance for keeping warm if you’re out late, but not being overbearing. Opt for unique coloured outerwear to lighten up any neutral outfit.

Suit and Jeans

Casual meeting, date night, party-type affairs are all suitable places to wear a suit and jeans. It all depends on the material and tones. Keeping it casual with a suit is usually easier using lighter colours and thinner materials. One that is relaxed in the way it fits will also add effortless coolness to the look. Dark coloured jeans work best when pulling this one off.


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Images retrieved from: Pinterest