You’ve just got a lash lift and you’re absolutely loving the results. But how do you make sure those stunningly lifted lashes last as long as possible? We’re here to share our top tips for maintaining your lash lift for longer-lasting results.

Elevate your natural allure with a lash lift, a transformative yet temporary beauty solution. By following our expert tips, drawn from extensive industry experience, you can prolong the stunning effects of your lash lift with proper aftercare, ensuring your lashes remain captivating week after week.

Choose the Right Aftercare Products

You’ve just given yourself an alluring eyelash lift. Now, what’s next? A key step to ensuring the longevity of your lash lift is selecting the right aftercare products.

Just like any other beauty treatment, a lash lift demands the right treatment to stay fabulous. You’d not want to compromise on your skin care products after a facial peel, would you? Same goes for your lash lift.

Lash Serum is one such must-have product. Applying a high-quality lash serum daily aids in nourishing your lashes, keeping them strong. This in turn can prolong the life span of your lift.

We can’t help but stress the importance of an Oil-free makeup remover. Regular makeup removers might contain oils that can break down the lash lift. An oil-free makeup remover ensures that every bit of makeup comes off without impacting the lift.

Do make an effort to invest in a Gentle Cleanser. Cleansing your lashes daily with a gentle cleanser ensures they stay clean and free from debris that could possibly hinder their growth.

Avoid waterproof mascara. It can be too harsh and can lead to the lash lift breaking down more quickly. Opt instead for a regular mascara that’s easy to remove.

Avoid Getting Your Lashes Wet

One of the most vital aspects of maintaining your lash lift is avoiding water exposure for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Whether it’s light rain, a hot bath, or simple tears, any form of moisture can potentially weaken the hold of the lift. This particularly holds true during the first 24 hours where the results of the lash lift procedure are most vulnerable to affect by environmental factors.

Swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms are off-limits for the time being. Chlorine from pools, heat from saunas, and steam can impede the longevity of your lash lift. They constitute some of the harsher elements one can expose their lashes to in the aftermath of a lash lift procedure.

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a safe distance from face-wetting activities. It’s simple science.

What’s even more crucial is being extra attentive during your skincare routine. Washing your face, removing makeup, applying moisturizers, and other skincare items need to be done with utmost care to avoid getting your lashes wet. It is worth adjusting your routine for a while until the newly lifted lashes stabilize.

Skincare is not off the table though. There are ways to continue your skincare routine so that it doesn’t affect the results of the lash lifts. Use a precision cotton tip applicator to apply and remove products around the eyes. This tool will help keep the skincare products away from the lashes and focus on the skin only.

Refrain from Rubbing Your Eyes

Next on our list is quite an underrated but crucial point – Refrain from Rubbing Your Eyes. It sounds simple, yet it’s often overlooked. One might not realize how often they touch their eyes due to habits or allergies until they consciously decide to stop.

We understand it’s not always easy, especially for those with sensitive eyes or allergies. But this small step can make a significant difference in maintaining your lash lift.

When we repeatedly rub our eyes, we put undue stress on our lashes. The excessive rubbing tugs at the newly restructured lashes, causing our perfectly curled lashes to lose their lift and fall flat.

Moreover, rubbing can lead to lash fallout. Our lashes have a natural life cycle, and excessive rubbing can urge our lashes to shed, reducing the overall look and effectiveness of our lash lift.

To keep you on top of this habit, we recommend that you:

  1. Stay conscious: Often, we rub our eyes out of habit. Being aware can help break this cycle.
  2. Address allergies: If you find yourself rubbing your eyes due to allergies, speak to a health professional about eye drops or strategies to manage your symptoms better.
  3. Take regular breaks: If your eyes feel tired or strained (especially due to long screen hours), take short breaks. Use this time to close your eyes and relax.

Also, when removing eye make-up, be extra gentle to your eyes. Use oil-free makeup removers as they help maintain the integrity of the lash lift.

Post-lash lift care does not end here. It’s worth mentioning the importance of regular lash conditioning. Conditioning nourishes and strengthens our lashes, refilling them from the possible damage during the lifting procedure, so make sure to include it in your maintenance routine. But, remember, just like any skincare product, it’s crucial that the product you’re using is compatible with your skin type and doesn’t cause irritation.

Schedule Regular Touch-Ups

When you’re looking for long-lasting results with your lash lift, one crucial aspect to never underestimate is the value of scheduled regular touch-ups. You might be wondering why these touch-ups are essential. Well, let’s dive into that a bit.

Your lashes, much like other hair on your body, undergo a growth cycle that includes shedding and regrowth. Consequently, as your natural lashes fall out and new ones grow in, your lifted lashes may lose their perfectly curled appearance. This is where scheduled touch-ups come to the rescue.

Freuent and regular touch-ups ensure consistency in the appearance of your lashes. This way, it’s always a good hair day for your lashes. We recommend planning for touch-ups about every 6-8 weeks, which is typically when the natural lash shedding and regrowth cycle is in full swing.

How do you determine the right frequency for your touch-ups? Good question. Some factors to consider include:

  • Your natural lash cycle: Every person’s lash cycle is different. You may need touch-ups more often if your lashes fall out and regrow more quickly.
  • The type of lash lift: Certain types of lash lifts may not hold as well or as long, requiring more frequent touch-ups.
  • Your lifestyle: People who are more active or frequently exposed to elements that accelerate lash fallout may need touch-ups more often.

Touch-ups basically refresh your lash lift, considering your stylist will work primarily on the new growth while taking care not to overprocess the lashes that still have a lift. As a green light, if your lashes still look quite curled, but the new growth is straight, it’s probably time for a touch-up.

Protect Your Lashes While Sleeping

Yes, even sleep can affect the longevity of your lash lift. When your lashes are frequently rubbed or pressed, it can weaken or displace the bond causing the lashes to lose their beautiful curl. This is especially true during sleep, where constant friction is common. So, how can you shield your lifted lashes from harm while catching some z’s?

Firstly, consider adopting a sleeping position that creates minimal contact with your lashes. Back sleepers rejoice! This position is perfect for protecting those lush curls. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, we suggest making the effort to alter your sleeping position. Change may not always be easy but it’s worth it for those gorgeous lashes.

Lash-friendly sleep accessories can also be a game-changer. Investing in a sleep mask could be one way to create a barrier between your lashes and the potential friction caused by your pillow. Opt for masks with a domed design to allow for lash space, avoiding flattening or rubbing.

Final thoughts

We’ve uncovered the secrets to prolonging the life of your lash lift. It’s all about the aftercare – from being gentle with your eyes to managing allergies and choosing the right makeup remover. Regular lash conditioning and timely touch-ups every 6-8 weeks are key to keeping those lashes looking their best. But let’s not forget about the importance of sleep hygiene for your lashes.

Published by HOLR Magazine.