The beauty industry in the UK is uniquely massive, representing one of the three largest beauty-based economies in Europe; it is a multi-billion-pound industry, as a result of the incredibly diverse range of treatments and products available in a wide variety of locations – from local supermarkets to private cosmetic care facilities.

The UK’s cosmetics boom happened in the late 2010s, but the popularity of semi-permanent cosmetic interventions has remained high. This is due to the continued popularity of treatments espoused by Instagram influencers and reality TV legends, that have instant results for relatively little cost and without the permanence of surgical procedures.

One such non-surgical treatment that has seen growing popularity in recent years is the lash lift. Lash lifts are essentially semi-permanent curling treatments, in which your eyelashes are given a volume boost through chemically aided curling. The lashes are wrapped around a rod, and a chemical solution is applied that breaks down certain structural bonds in the hair – the result being voluminous curled lashes that last for over a month, or until new lashes form to replace the old.

The lash lift is non-invasive and instantly impactful, giving you lashes to die for even before you move to put mascara on. But the lash lift is not without its own difficulties and potential pitfalls. What can you do to prepare and ensure the procedure goes off without a hitch?

Take an Allergy Test

Firstly, the treatment is non-surgical but can nonetheless pose a risk with regard to the materials used. A silicone rod is used to wrap the lashes around, and the solutions used to provide the curling effect are equivalent to hair perm curling solutions – hence including a number of potential allergens.

Before you book a lash lift appointment, you should endeavour to get an allergy test. This way, you can avoid unnecessary injury or unpleasant outcomes when you do come to get a lash lift.

Take Care of Your Eyes

The lash lift procedure is a safe and even delicate one, but some discomfort and irritation should still be expected when you undergo one. Before you start the procedure, you should remove your contact lenses in order to reduce the risk of irritation.

You should also arrange a chaperone for after the procedure, for two reasons. Irritation is relatively unlikely, but can still impact your eyesight if it does occur. You are also recommended to go without contacts for up to 24 hours after your lash lift, and may need assistance getting home depending on the severity of your prescription.

Abstain From Wearing Makeup

Lastly, tempted as you may be to glam up for your glow-up, you should keep your face free from make-up when you attend your lash lift appointment. Eye makeup is an especial no-no, as your lashes need to be free of any potential irritant or reactant before the lifting solution is applied.

Published by HOLR Magazine.