These days, low maintenance beauty is all the rage. From lip injections to microblading, ladies all around the world simply want to #WakeUpLikeThis, flawless.

One thing I always loved for a quick beauty fix was curling my eyelashes for an easy, wide-eyed look. While I love the natural lash look, I’m a sucker for mascara, but avoided everyday wear as some mascaras can strip lashes and make them weaker.   I love the full-lash look that strip-lashes or lash extensions bring especially for special events, but both options are very tedious to upkeep and can irritate your eyes. Lash extensions are also extremely pricy, averaging around $150 for a full set, with refills every two weeks costing around $50 per refill. Surely there has to be another way for a fresh, pretty look without breaking the bank.

Enter, the lash lift. I couldn’t help but notice that Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian seemed to have these amazing, always curled, always lifted lashes – no matter what. Although the stars sometimes use extensions for make-up looks, even their no-makeup lashes looked gorgeous – that’s when I knew something was up. Big Kardashian make-up gurus like HRush started raving about the power of a Lash Lift, how beautiful it was and how flawless it could make your lashes.

So what is a lash lift you ask? It’s essentially a perm for your lashes to keep them lifted, separated and looking beautiful 24/7. It’s low maintenance and semi-permanent, with the effects fading after 6-8 weeks. It doesn’t damage your lashes or make you lose lashes, like I feared extensions would, and simply makes the most out of the natural lashes that you have. I got lashed at Caryl Baker Visage, a salon that’s been open and operating for over 40 years. My lash technician was extremely thorough and sweet, walking me through the entire process.

My eyes were not irritated during the entire process, which is amazing considering how sensitive my skin is. The treatment took about 30-45 minutes, during which my technician gave me a gorgeous oxygen facial to really get me looking my best! She cleansed my skin, blasted my skin with bacteria-clearing oxygen, and coated the surface with serums and moisturizers.

Before my lash treatment was over, I got my lashes coated with a hydrated Kerotin to make sure they were healthy and strong. Though they initially looked a little clumpy, it was due to them being wet. After about 6 hours, the lashes dried and looked gorgeous and fluffy. I will definitely be returning to Caryl Baker Visage for my next lash lift and you should too! Find the Visage closest to you, here.