If you’re a self-employed photographer, marketing yourself could be essential for attracting clients. Below are just five different ways in which you can market yourself. 

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You could even consider creating flyers for your photography services. These could be posted through potential clients’ doors, given out at events, or pinned to public noticeboards. As with business cards, you may be able to add your website address or a QR code to encourage people to check out your photography work. It’s possible to design and print your own flyers, however, for the best quality you may want to hire a professional company. 

Adding a QR code to your photography flyers is a great way for potential clients to access your portfolio or website instantly. You can use online tools that allow you to create PDF QR codes for free, enabling you to generate high-quality QR codes that can be easily integrated into your flyer design. This is a convenient and engaging way to boost your chances of attracting and captivating your target audience.


A website can help to give you credibility as a professional. It can be a place to show off your previous photography work and to display testimonials and reviews from previous clients. It could also be a platform for gaining extra exposure. By investing in SEO, you can encourage more potential customers to stumble across your site while using search engines. Creating a website is something you can do yourself cheaply with no coding experience – platforms like WordPress allow you to build your own website using drag-and-drop features. That said, some people may prefer to still hire a professional website designer to ensure the utmost quality.

Social media

Social media is another great platform for building exposure and improving credibility. Instagram is centered entirely around images and can be a great platform for increasing exposure for your photography. Facebook can be equally effective – you can create a page and share your photos here among your followers, while also using the boost feature to reach out to new potential customers. Social media sites are free to join and create accounts on. Once you’ve created pages, make sure to invite all of your friends to follow you. 


Networking can be another powerful way to attract clients. Simply by meeting new people and talking about your work, you may be able to find new business. As a budding photographer, it can sometimes be worth connecting with local businesses or finding local models to work with – you may be able to volunteer your services, cross-promote, and start building recognition and experience. There may also be networking events that you can take part in to connect with people such as wedding trade shows if you’re a wedding photographer or business trade shows if you’re a commercial photographer. 

Business cards

When you do meet someone who may be interested in your photography services, it could be handy to have a business card available. This allows you to easily offer them your contact details such as your phone number and email address. You can also print your website address or print a QR code to encourage people to check out your work via your site or Instagram account. There are sites online that allow you to create a free QR code. There are meanwhile plenty of companies that can print and produce business cards for you.

Published by HOLR Magazine.