Power dressing is all about dressing smart.

Buying back-to-work tailoring is the grown-up equivalent of replenishing your pencil case for a new term. Sharp suiting – much like freshly sharpened pencils – makes us feel on point, and ready for anything.

Dressing better can get you ahead of work, and also contribute to how others perceive you.

This season is all about palette-cleansing neutrals like these presented by modern-classic labels like Burberry, Petar Petrov, and Anna Quan. For the office, wear a caramel-toned suit with a white shirt or turtleneck top and suede loafers. For special events, dress it up with a cream cami and a pair of barely-there sandals in a pop of color.

You might interpret power dressing in a literal sense, opting for styles that exude strength and authority, like a sharp-shouldered suit, and a commanding pair of heels. Maybe you find assurance in items that hold significant meaning, like the blouse you wore when you gave that important presentation. However you feel most confident, scroll down to find out 6 things you need to consider when power dressing for work!

What a woman wears definitely doesn’t define her, but it does influence how she feels. When it comes to inner confidence, sometimes the right outfit can work like a suit of armor to give you that extra boost you need.


1. Dress like you care

Even if the workplace doesn’t have strict rules in the dress code, you should always display professionalism. Wearing casual clothing means you don’t care about how you look and can misrepresent yourself as someone who doesn’t care about your job.


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2. Dress suitably

Consider these three things when planning what to wear for work; your industry, your company, and the work environment. People who work in banks or law firms need to dress more traditional than individuals who work for creative industries such as artists or writers. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pressed suit! Take a look at your supervisors and colleagues. What are they wearing? Try to make a decision from that. If your work doesn’t entail you to meet clients, you should still dress appropriately to make a good impression.


3. Avoid showing too much skin. 

Save the low neckline for those Friday nights out and try not to show too much skin at the office. Apart from the fact that it can be inappropriate, it could be a distraction in the business setting.

Some studies show that showing too much skin in the office has a psychological impact on colleagues. Women who are dressed in revealing outfits are perceived to be less competent. Females who are more suitably dressed would much likely get a promotion compared to those who tend to not dress conservatively.


4. Always be well-groomed. 

Keeping your hair and nails neat and clean is crucial. NEVER wear wrinkled clothes and always make sure they are perfectly pressed!



5. Understand The Importance of Styles that fit well

When dressing for work, you must consider whether your clothes actually fit your body. It is the first rule for buying any kind of clothing. Even the most exquisite dress will not look flattering if it doesn’t fit you well — sizing is crucial!


6. Come up with your own style and stick to it

Be consistent with your style. Are you a traditional or modern dresser? It is very important to come up with your own style and not try too hard to dress like or copy someone else’s. Again, what looks good on Jennifer Lopez might not be so smoking on your body type and might even have the opposite effect.


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