Canada’s landscape is brimming with beautiful sights to see and places to explore, while their cities are filled with a unique history and cultural heritage. There is always something to explore or do within Canada’s borders.


The landscape of grand pre

The Landscape of Grand Pre is situated in Nova Scotia’s southern Minas Basin, where it is subjected to the most extreme tides in the world; the tidal range averages 11.6 meters. What makes this place a marvel, is how the Acadians managed to tame the tide with an inventive and ingenious system of earthen dykes, ditches, and aboiteaux. The location is important for Acadian history, the ingenuity of their designs, and the marvel of what has been accomplished.

Rocky Mountains – Banff or Jasper

One of the most jaw-dropping sights in the world is the stunning views in the Rocky Mountains, the two best locations of the national park ensemble are Banff and Jasper. Here you will see jagged peaks and conifer-clad slopes, silt-laden glacial streams and turquoise lakes, the vast Columbia Icefield, and the complex Castleguard Caves. There are a plethora of wonderful sights to see here.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

At the heart of Alberta’s badlands and contains the greatest concentration of Late Cretaceous dinosaur fossils yet found on Earth. More than 300 first-quality dinosaur skeletons have been pulled from a 27-kilometer stretch along the Red Deer River since digging began there in the 1880s. This Park was formed in the latest Ice Age, a mere 13 000 years ago where the meltwater exposed the fossil’s hidden from long ago.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

This culturally significant spot is where the indigenous people hunted bison herds in ingenious ways for over 5000 years. The skeletal remains are astonishing to see, where in some places the tides are 11 meters deep. A culturally rich location filled with life and history.


Of the three major cities in Canada, each has their own unique culture to them. In Vancouver, the culture is very outdoorsy with some of the most stunning views in the entire world almost throughout the entire city and surrounding area. Here we recommend you take a drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway to fully enjoy the world-renown views. More locally, you can hike the famous Grouse Grind or cycle around the beautiful Stanley Park. For a little more adventure you can kayak in Deep Cove, or hike in Lynn Canyon. If that isn’t enough for you, there is always the internationally acclaimed town of Whistler less than an hour’s drive away. For more culturally enriching experiences, we recommend window shopping in Gastown at night to experience the lively culture. Another nighttime activity is the Richmond Night market. However, during the day, we recommend you explore Chinatown or wander the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. Lastly on our list is the cultural hub of Granville Island where you can enjoy some good laughs!


Rideau canal

This unique canal will provide you with amazing modern-day pleasure boats and scenic diving or offer amazing bike routes along the waterway. The marvel of engineering is some of the finest in the 19th century and was made as a naval supply route in the war of 1812, where Canadians won against the United States.

Historic District of Old Québec

Old Québec is one of the only walled cities in North America, and of those one of the most preserved. This historic city is filled with gorgeous architecture and fascinating history that defines Québec City. The citadel atop Cap Diamant and the wall around Upper Town is an astonishing sight to see as remnants of a by-gone era.

SG̱ang Gwaay

All the way to the north-western coast of Canada lies the island of Haida Gwaii where the Haida people had thrived on the local wealth of sea and forest. They lived on SG̱ang Gwaay for thousands of years. Here you can find the fascinating culture that has intertwined with its surroundings featuring Giant Western red cedars that were the raw material of ocean-going canoes, vast post and plank houses, and great poles bearing both symbols of family history. Lastly, are a 19th-century Haida village where the ruins of 10 houses and 32 memorial or mortuary poles bespeak the power and artistry of a rich and flamboyant society.


Montreal is the cultural hub of Canada filled with unique rich history and beautiful buildings. The top activities in Montreal are exploring the summit and surroundings of Mount Royal, the place the city is named after. You should definitely see Old Montreal and Old Port where the most beautiful colonial buildings reside. The massive Notre-Dame Basilica is stunning as well as the Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal. Another beautiful view is the Montreal Botanical Garden. A great activity is walking down Rue St-Paul with everything there or visiting the Jean-Talon Market. Two great places are the Pointe-a-Calliere, Montreal Archaeology and History Complex, and the Musee des beaux-arts de Montréal. Lastly, enjoy a game at the amazing Bell Centre.

Montreal also has some amazing structures built in the world expo of 67.


Toronto is the economical hub of Canada where many of the largest tourist activities are. First on our list is the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada which is only rivaled by the Toronto Zoo. We recommend you head over to see the Historic Distillery District as well as the HarbourFront – both locations are some of the best date spots. Another great location is Toronto Island park or the Scarborough Bluffs for their great views and relaxed nature. Queen Street is one of the best locations to walk down and window shop. The CN Tower provides a marvelous view of the city, located near the Rogers Centre, a great stadium to catch any game. The Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum are great locations to visit. Lastly, exploring the University of Toronto and Queen’s Park is a wonderful way to spend your time.

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