Blake Lively is known to be the queen of many things, the queen of Gossip Girl, and the Met Gala and she is definitely in high ranks for her street style. 

From her single days to her married days to her pregnant days Blake knows how to dress well, especially when she is trying the least, she looks the best. 

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Fresh off her Met Gala hosting gig with funny man and husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake is now the girl who has done it all. In her early career, Blake was best known as the 2nd half of the blonde/brunette best friend duo in Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl became the show that made Blake the icon that she is, from her bombshell looks to her incredible style, Blake has carried on her Serena Vanderwoodsen character into her real life with her everyday street style. 

From her character in Gossip Girl to her character in A Simple Favour, Blake has managed to make sure that her fashionable reputation is never damaged, especially when it comes to her outings on the street. 

Blake and Ryan may be a very quiet and nonchalant couple, but their humour, their looks and especially their style just might make them the best-dressed couple in all of Hollywood. 


Blake knows what works for her and she knows not to push too many boundaries. Celebrities believe that since they are celebrities they can make the trend, instead of following it. For Blake, she can make any trend she wants, she’s Blake Lively, yet she calmly and comfortably follows the rules. 

Blake has pushed some boundaries, in a street style photo that many might be shocked to see, Blake is seen in a light peachy-pink slip dress, a vintage baseball cap, classic white sneakers and curly hair-something not many people have seen on Blake. This style is both cute and effortless-something Blake knows works for her, yet many can’t do. 

As a Gossip Girl, A.K.A New York girl, Blake loves a good pair of jeans- I mean who doesn’t? Blake is seen multiple times wearing outfits with jeans, from dressing it up with a blazer, or being as simple as a blouse or a t-shirt, Blake keeps her style classic, and very versatile. 


Sometimes Blake really shadows her character Serena Vanderwoodsen, during her pregnancy, Blake was seen in the most gorgeous look, A knit sweater, leather pants, a blue New York coffee cup and a fur-lined cape, with the most perfect hair and makeup look. 

Blake is a true movie star- her outfits are perfect, her looks are beautiful, and she truly is an all-around perfect celebrity, funny, a good mom, and someone with friends we are jealous of, or could be the other way around. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine