You have finally moved into a home with just enough bedrooms to make one into a family room. Instead of everyone being crammed into the living room doing all sorts of different activities, you finally have a room that can function as a family room but maybe you should furnish it in such a way to serve several purposes as the need arises. Consider some of the following reasons why you might want to have a multipurpose family room so that you can set about getting the furnishings you’ll need to make that happen.

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Subbing as a Guest Room

At first, you had thought to make that spare room into a guest room but on second thought, maybe you don’t entertain overnight guests frequently enough to let that room sit unused for months on end. One of the most important ways to make that family room into a place that can serve as a guest room is to start with a pull-out white bed frame that can be used as a sofa between guests!

Also, you may want to add extra large coffee tables that can hold beverages and snacks for family and guests alike. Whether entertaining overnight guests or watching the latest binge-worthy series on Netflix, a large coffee table will come in quite handy. Who wants to leave the room for a snack? An oversized coffee table would give you plenty of space so that you aren’t interrupted at the heaviest scenes.

A Computer Room for Study and Work

Since you are going to connect to the internet to watch those thrilling series on Netflix, why not use that connection for study or work? You can hook up a monitor to the computer to be used for online access, and also a large flatscreen television mounted on a wall directly opposite the pull-out bed. You can easily switch between screens, so there is no reason not to have both hooked up to the computer.

When the family is in the living room, the kids can go online to do a bit of studying. Perhaps mum or dad would like to get a bit of work in without being disturbed. For just this little bit of time, the kids can watch television in the living room while you do the work your boss expects tomorrow.

Then There Is Gaming

What kid, or parent for that matter, doesn’t love online gaming in the Metaverse? In the past, you had to ask the kids to keep their noise down to a dull roar, but to no avail. There is no such thing as battling demons or a Viking warlord in silence.

You can easily send the kids into the family room/guest room/game room to play their favourite games while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a neighbour who just stopped by to chat. If you are going to multipurpose that extra room anyway, it makes for a nice place to send the kids while you enjoy a few moments of peaceful silence. With that said, if you can still hear them, maybe you’ve chosen the wrong room!

Published by HOLR Magazine.