Publishers Weekly Release New September Best Sellers.

Ever since Publishers Weekly had been a concept, it’s been a reliable source for the bestselling books.

But let’s take a quick look at some of the fiction authors who made the week’s cut.

publisher's weekly sept. best sellers

Credit Image: Publishers Weekly

Top 5 Fiction Best Sellers according to Publishers Weekly include.

First is “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros.

This book is an adult fantasy romance novel that has everything a good book need- love, dragons and female warriors.

Second is “Holly” by Stephen King.

This one a personal favourite (I’m a Stephen King fan, sue me.)

Third is “The Last Devil to Die” by Richard Osman

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

Fourth is “Tom Lake” by Ann Patchett

While originally a play, this would be a good book on the reflection of youth and love.

And lastly, “Vince Flynn: Code Red” by Kyle Mills

Had more of a “crime” feel to it, but still rated well on Amazon and Goodreads.

Also, probably not suitable for young adults but read for yourself and judge.

Read the complete list here.

How far in advance does Publishers Weekly review books?

Meanwhile, anyone looking to get published, keep reading because according to sources they review every two to four months.

And given how highly regarded this publication is, probably worth trying for you think?

Also, thanks to the launch of, published books get reviewed as well.

publishers weekly best sellers

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Since the list had been for the week ending on the 23rd keep logged in for the next round of best sellers.

Publishing trend on progressive novelists and religious genres.

While the non-fiction, fiction and trade categories get some love this week, Publishers Weekly had news to share.

Also people into religion and spirituality books have something to look forward to with news of the market expanding.

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