When remodelling your home there are always big dreams behind them with drastically smaller funds to get those dreams rolling, find out how to remodel your home on a budget.

Increase Efficiency, Not Size

Most often people tend to remodel by adding. This will easily cost far more than what is necessary, when remodelling you need to consider what you need and if the same can be accomplished with a simple upgrade to your current spacing. You’ll be surprised by how many storage-saving furnishings there are nowadays, even if you need to get custom made you will often save several thousand dollars on replacing with more efficient items than adding new ones. For example, the cost to expand a kitchen by 200 square feet is often between $48 000 to $95 000, where replacing with super-efficient, custom-designed cabinets will cost $35 000, here you’re saving up to $60 000, a no brainer situation.

Natural Light Without Windows

Another very common remodelling to one’s house is adding more natural lighting or lights. An unknown, but very nice looking way to add natural light without the hefty cost of installing a new window is installing a “light tube” that slips between roof rafters and funnels sunshine down into the room. These additions are quite cheap and often cost a third the price of your regular double-pane insulated window.

Consult an Architect

This sounds weird and pricey but trusts me it will most definitely be worth it. You won’t need a full-on architectural commission which requires many extensive meetings, and on-site visits which can cost an outstanding amount of 8% of the total projects cost. All you need is a very simple design consultation and possible plans, where you can gain all the perks of the design-savvy architect’s ideas. This is a great way to really effectively plan out what is the best course of action for your remodelling.

Don’t Move the Kitchen Sink or Toilet

Next is to major mistake many people make when remodelling, and that is moving the kitchen sink or toilet which can cost tons in plumbing and will often take the lion’s share in plumbing-price increase. Though if you must, it’s a good idea to upgrade the pipes while you’re at it as it will save money in the long run.

Plan Ahead + Make Decisions Early

Overall the best way to save money is planning ahead and making your decisions early so you know exactly what you need and how much it will cost. The worst thing is finding a bill that is more than what you prepared for. You can do this quite easily with the internet and browsing local stores, always make sure to stay up to date on what is available as you do not want to have an idea in mind and find out the necessary item is missing by the time you need it.

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