Now that people can get together again, it may be time to consider where you want to entertain guests. Small houses often lack good entertaining spaces. But, if there is a yard, that area can be utilized to build a patio or deck outdoor kitchen and entertaining space that can be used most of the year. The space does not have to be fancy but does need to have the means to cook for guests and provide sufficient space for the guests to congregate, sit, and visit. Good planning is the key to great outdoor entertaining spots.

Planning an Outdoor Entertaining Spot

When planning an outdoor entertaining spot, the first step is to find the right location for it. The ideal spot will be convenient for gas, water, and electrical hookups. It will be accessible for the contractor who will be building it and need to get heavy equipment and outdoor appliances in. It will have some privacy from nosy neighbors and the street. The outdoor entertaining spot should also be close to a home entrance, such as a dining room or kitchen. Guest may need to use the home bathroom and the host or hostess might need to transport food items from the kitchen to the outdoor kitchen.

Once the location is decided on, the type of foundation needs to be determined. If the space is level and solid, a patio might be the answer. Patios have a poured cement or outdoor tile floor with a possible roof for protection from the sun. If the spot is not too level or stable, work might need to be done to add fill, pack it, and level everything.

There are homes where the kitchen is on a higher level, and the outdoor kitchen needs to be built on a deck that is level with the kitchen entry, such as a french door or a sliding door. A deck is built on strong supports and has a decking of wood or other appropriate material. It will need steps down to ground level and an approved railing for safety. To have a roof or not is also a consideration.

Next, it is time to decide on the size and style of the outdoor entertaining spot. Learning about modern outdoor kitchens might be the first step in this decision process. Choosing a modern design for this entertaining spot might be a good choice because the decor and appliances are more readily available. Modern design kitchens focus on nice clean lines and things are more geometric than irregular stones.

Modern Finishes

Modern finishes are easy to live with and to keep clean. They include concrete, vertical wood slats, thin white stone finishes, and outdoor-rated stainless steel appliances. People are opting for the new wonderful modular kitchen units to make building an outdoor kitchen simple. 

No matter what style a person chooses, they must consider flooring, lighting, and overhead protection. The owner must also consider the climate they live in and what use they plan to put this space to.

Other important considerations include who will do the work. Hire a good outdoor contractor to avoid problems. Consider the home owner’s personal style and combine it with current popular trends. The personal style also includes the things the family will want to do with this space, such as cooking, having parties, watching movies, space for playing children, and sufficient seating areas. 


When the entertaining space is complete, it should make a great first impression on guests. Don’t forget to supply plenty of weather-resistant seating for family and guests. o creaAnother plan that works is to locate the outdoor space adjacent to the entry to a family room or kitchen so the party can include a mix of outdoor and indoor experiences.