Somewhere along the way, we all learned the age-old adage “don’t mix your prints.” Yet many of us are still hesitant to attempt this daring look. It is definitely a look that is sure to draw some attention, but fashion rules are not the same anymore in the world of fashion today.

Pairing clashing prints seems scary, but it’s actually easier than it looks. Read on for a few tips and rules to get you started on how to mix and match prints or help you get to that pro level.

Know your Pattern:

The most important tip when it comes to mismatched prints is to know your pattern as there are a ton of different prints you will encounter on this journey of pattern mixing. If you are aware of the varying tips and tricks for each print, it will definitely help you as you plan your next outfit.


Prints such as Stripes are identified as one of the basic print seen as one of the most popular and versatile patterns. They come in different widths, directions and colours, which indicates you should be careful of simply throwing them on. But in the end, they should be treated as your new neutral and they match excellently with polka dots. 

Also, animal prints are the best way to tap into your wild side by styling it with a more mild pattern. This look works best if the print is made of natural colours like browns and muted yellows.

Another print to have in mind is houndstooth, a classic and timeless print. Like stripes, it is a great way to add a little definition to your outfit as you style it around a focus piece. This particular pattern is traditionally black and white, which will help you decide what colour your other print should be.

If you are looking for a chic or work-friendly look, houndstooth matches excellently with anything that is a sleek black, but if you are looking for something a little bolder, mixing houndstooth with plaid or stripes will always create a lovely match as long as you keep your clothes in the same colour family, you are good to go.

Bella Ella Boitique

Your Prints Should be in the Same Family Colour or Stick To A Colour Pattern:

To create a streamlined look, make sure that the patterned pieces you’re matching share at least one colour that brings the whole look together. Mixed prints in the same tonal range look put together and can allow you to set the focus of your outfit on a pop of colour rather than just a print. Blacks and whites are always a safe go-to, but green and yellow works as well as pink and grey.

Spread Your Pattern across Your Outfit:

If you are not quite there yet to layer a printed jacket over a top in a clashing pattern, try spreading the prints more evenly across your outfit and go with one pattern on the top and another one on the bottom.


Incorporate Printed Accessories into your Outfit:

Start small by incorporating printed accessories to the outfit that already features some pattern. Using a plaid scarf or leopard shoes is always a good idea.

For more tips to create the perfect print/pattern outfit, check it out here.

Published on HOLR Magazine.