It’s not enough for the Italian fashion house to release a spring collection full of stunning pieces, but to feature the collection video on a jaw-dropping Mediterranean island is almost too much. Prada’s spring-summer menswear 2020 collection dropped on June 20th with a heavy focus on minimal pieces ready for summer exposing as much skin as possible. After a cold winter (drawn-out by the Pandemic) the SS collection refreshingly features beach-ready garments like bucket hats, aggressively short shorts, striped rompers, and many more. 

The runway film shows models promenading down a cherry red tunnel, with piercing fluorescent lights overhead until eventually the end of the tunnel is reached exposing a pristine Italian beach on a brilliant summer’s day. Filmed in Sardinia, Italy the white sand beach with crystal clear water offset by the red tunnel is meant to represent “a space where nature and artifact interact” according to the press notes. What’s so impressive about the beach is that it is home to the Prada-supported MedSea foundation which helps to restore marine plants that are vital to the Mediterranean sea ecosystem.  

Much like a plane ticket to a white sand beach in the Mediterranean, Prada clothing is something that is not feasible for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t draw inspiration from the Italian fashion house and incorporate some of these silhouettes into our wardrobe. Here are a few of the key pieces from the collection that we need for our outfit rotation.  

Image Courtesy of Prada

Bucket Hats

Prada seemed to draw heavily from the custodian helmet worn by male police officers across the UK for their bucket hats this season. Complete with a strap to securely seal the headpiece to your dome, each bucket hat comes complete with a triangle brim in the rear and offered in a wide variety of arrangements from stripes to leather. Some even go as far as to have compartments to conveniently hold your sunglasses for maximum practicality, but each one dons the iconic Prada triangle.  

Image Courtesy of Prada


The maximum amount of real estate was subtracted when it came to the shorts this season. Displaying as much limb as possible, according to co-creative director Miuccia Prada these shorts perfectly encapsulate the need “To expose yourself to nature, to go to the beach—it’s freedom. It is utopian. That is really a primary need—an intellectual need, too.”. The skirt-meets-short renditions certainly bear the most joie de vivre out of the selection. Our personal favourite is the combination of the beach towel-Esque french terry hoodie paired with the cuffed short shorts.  

Image Courtesy of Prada


Between the flower encrusted loafers and the rectangular soled sandals offered from Prada this season for footwear, sandals seem like the obvious summer choice. Complete with leather straps and metal buckles, these slippers give off the perfect dad-meets-high fashion vibe. For some more affordable options for lace-free footwear this summer, check out this list from HOLR on men’s summer essentials.