Eyes are the windows to the soul, and windows reflect the soul of your home. While most people do not think much of windows, they are the structure that makes or breaks a home. These indispensable items allow a comfortable amount of sunlight into the house whilst offering a splendid view of the outside. 


Although windows are extremely important in home decoration, most people remain unaware of how to properly install them, or how to search for reliable window installation companies. Consequently, this results in quick and shabby jobs that leave windows improperly installed or replaced, and prone to a slew of long-term problems. Before you go looking for a dallas window replacement job, we’re here to share some common signs of a shabby window replacement or installation job.

Unusual Sounds

If you ever get the suspicion that your window does not sound right, pay attention to that feeling. Windows that were improperly installed tend to produce a lot more squeaking and creaking noises. These sounds are indicative of inappropriately placed parts or deformities in lower-quality windows. Moreover, such sounds may be more common during significant temperature changes, which can cause windows to contract or expand too much. 

Rigid Movements

You should not need to exert much strength when it comes to opening and closing your window. If you feel that you are going through a gym regime every time you open the window, there might be a glaring problem. 


Although this problem often occurs with double-hung sash windows, it can manifest itself in slider, awning, and casement windows too. Such a problem occurs when the parts are not installed properly, such that the window and frame do not align, or the window is too small or too big for the frame. If this is happening, we suggest consulting a professional on this as it can cause many undesirable problems like gaps, drafts, and more.

Noticeable Gaps

When you look at your window, do you notice anything out of place? For example, a small gap between the frame and window sill or wall? This is a clear indicator that you have an incorrectly-shaped window that has been installed –– either the installer did not do a good job in measuring for custom windows, or they chose the wrong size for prefabricated windows. 


Gaps can be a headache as they allow for air leaks that waste heated or cooled indoor air, and water leaks that can potentially damage your floors and walls. Normally, smaller gaps are easier to fix with things like shims, backer rods, caulk, or expanding foam. As for bigger gaps, it might call for a massive overhaul where you have to replace the window entirely, hopefully, that does not have to be the case.

Cold Drafts

If you often find a chill running down your spine in a particular part of the house, it is not ghostbusters that you need, but a window specialist! Poorly-fitted windows have gaps that allow drafts to enter your living space. Although drafts may not seem that big of a problem, they can let in excess humidity and dirty air particles from outdoor air pollution.


This is often caused by improper alignment of the windows or a wrongful application of caulk. If left to fester, your window might end up breaking, which will cause an even bigger draft problem.  One of the ways that you can find the source of the drafts is to simply use your hands to feel along with your window until you come across a particularly airy spot. Smaller leaks might only require caulking, but bigger leaks might need you to find a complete window replacement. 

Water Damage

Another consequence of having badly-fitted windows is water damage, as these open gaps make it susceptible for water to leak into your house. This problem may start small but can soon have catastrophic effects on your walls. In the beginning, you may notice slight dampness or mold around the window and window frame area. If this is left to fester, you may end up with peeling paint, large areas of mold growth, puffy walls, and eventually, rotting walls. 


This problem often occurs through bad installation, using poorly installed flashing, or even using building paper in replacement of flashing. Even if you are not familiar with construction costs, you can tell this is going to be a very costly repair. Hence, it’s best to remedy the situation before it gets too late.

Foggy Panes

There is usually a layer of inert argon gas trapped between the layers of your window, which helps by reducing heat conduction and improving your window’s energy efficiency levels. As this gas is currently sealed in by the window seal, it is important to keep the seal intact and prevent it from breaking. 


When that happens, the gas will leak out and be replaced with denser water vapor; this will then cause fog or water droplets to form in the glass. Once you notice a mist that seems to be unable to be wiped away, it might be an indicator of trapped water vapor in your window glass. 

Subpar Caulking

Apart from having a properly sized window, having good caulking is crucial to ensure that your window can adequately protect your house from harsh weather. While it may not be the most aesthetic element, your windows should have a visible, clean line of caulk surrounding their perimeters. 


A sign of a haphazard caulking job is when you notice uneven, sloppy, or patchy caulk around your windows. However, do take note that exceptions should be made for textured or brick siding, which will have minor gaps no matter how well the caulk is applied. Caulk requires several weeks to dry fully, so check in again in a month after installation.

Clearing Up Clutter

Even with the best window installation company, the renovation work will end up messy. Hence, it’s important to remove any furniture that’s in the way and cover up your flooring before beginning the job.


No matter the mess made during the installation, the aftermath is what differentiates good installers and bad installers. Proper installers are those who will put in their due effort to clean up after themselves by removing debris and dust. An installer that’s sloppy in their cleaning job most probably is sloppy during their installation, too!


Remember to pay attention to the window glass, as installers often use a plethora of fillers, caulk, and adhesives that will end up as unwanted remnants. Plus, although minor streaks or smudges are nothing to be concerned about, you might want to take note of permanent stains or huge messes.

Lack Of Warranty

Every new set of windows should come with a manufacturer’s warranty as proof of completion. This contains a set of installation guidelines that must be bet and agreed upon by both parties for the warranty to be valid. If your window installer did not give you a warranty after installation, there is a high chance that your windows may not have been installed correctly, and they want to avoid being caught. 


Hence, we strongly recommend talking this through with the company before going into the installation process. You want to ensure that your home is protected from any potential damage, and warranties are there to prevent that from happening.

In conclusion, before settling on an installer, be sure to consult a few and research more about the companies. Do not just look at cost, be sure to note after-sales services as well.


Published by HOLR Magazine