A MIDI keyboard is at the forefront of the digital music revolution, and for a good reason. MIDI keyboards are devices or instruments that produce no sound at all. Rather, these keyboards work by using digital signals. When you press a key on a MIDI keyboard, instead of producing sound, it’ll send a signal to the computer, which is then registered by the DAW, sequencer, or electronic instrument you’re using. 

MIDI keyboards are so versatile and used by many traditional musicians, too. It makes the process of making music easier, but it does take a lot of skill and practice to operate these devices, just like the traditional instruments. In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips that come only after prolonged practice so that your music production process can get a boost. So, let’s discover how to use your MIDI keyboard like a pro.

1. Assess the Instruments

Firstly, it will be best to research which instruments are easier to replicate and the ones that are difficult. Just like in real life, all musical instruments are different with different sounds. Some instruments like a piano or drum set are usually easier to digitally replicate, whereas instruments like a guitar or a saxophone are very difficult to replicate. Therefore, you must assess your instruments and start with the easier ones first. This method will help speed up the process and also take you deeper into the track gradually.

2. Use Presets and Plugins

Presets and plugins are some of the most amazing things about MIDI keyboards. There are so many of them that you can spend an eternity browsing through them all. However, to make good music, make sure that you actually use those plugins during the production process. You won’t have to scour for these plugins and presets because they are essential midi keyboard features, but you’ll have to learn to stop yourself from misusing them, too. Use only the bare minimum additional plugins because it makes your music sound more natural. Similarly, you can’t use a standard preset on every track either. Learn to use these tools properly and your music quality will improve immensely.

learning to play keyboard

3. Perfect the Percussion

Drums and other percussion instruments can greatly affect the entire arrangement and style of your music. So, it’s important to dedicate enough time to these instruments to improve your music. It takes time to develop the perfect rhythm, but if you’re naturally talented, you’ll have a much easier time using the MIDI keyboard.


These are some of the tips on how to use a MIDI keyboard optimally. It’s such a versatile instrument irrespective of the genre of music that you won’t ever feel restricted. The MIDI keyboard is a great tool for music production. It will transform your music production entirely, making your journey worthwhile. You’ll be able to replicate almost every sound and compose great music effortlessly, just like a professional. Keep these tips in mind, keep practicing and learning,  and you’ll be creating awesome music in no time at all.