When it comes to wearing a bandana, the possibilities are just about endless.

Hoo-Rag, an industry leader in revolutionary face masks, has an excellent guide on all of the different ways to wear a bandana.  Be sure to check it here, alongside consulting our own guide right on the page below.


Ways to Wear a Bandana

Read through some of the ways to wear a bandana and choose the one that works best for you.



Classic Face Cover:


Cover your face and nose with the classic face cover style.  Protect yourself from dust, dirt and any large particle objects in the atmosphere.  Perfect for day to day wear as a face mask alternative.



Neck Gaiter:


Protect your neck and throat from the elements as well as having the option to pull it up to cover your mouth and nose.  Whether you’re after warmth or sun protection, the versatility of a bandana works well.





There’s nothing worse than having beads of sweat dripping down your forehead and into your eyes as you work.  Wrap a folded bandana around your forehead and keep the sweat out of your eyes. 



Thick Headband:


An alternative to the classic thin headband, is to wear it slightly more open.  This style still keeps your hair in check, but at the same time allows your forehead to breathe.  A classic tennis workout style.



Headband Over Your Hair:


If you have long hair, you can also ensure your headband style covers your hair.  Not only does this style prevent sweat from dripping down into your eyes, but also keeps your hair from getting in your eyes even when dry.



Doo Rag Bandana: 


The classic bandana look with the rag wrapped around the top of your head and tied off tightly at the back.  Keep your head and hair in check as you rock a look that’s sure to turn heads in the right setting.



Skull Cap:


Similar to the doo rag style, a skull cap will keep your head and hair neat and tidy.  If you’re working out or just need your hair completely out of the way day to day, the skull cap is a functional possibility.



Ponytail Tie:


If you have long hair, then you no doubt have felt the pain of not having a hair tie on hand just when you need one the most.  Fold up your bandana into a tight, thin strip and tie your hair into a ponytail at the back to get on with your day.



Head Wrap Bandana:


We finish up our list of possible ways to wear a bandana with a versatile head wrap option.  Find a compromise between a skull cap and a headband with this style, keeping your hair in control, while still allowing it to breathe.


As you can see there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to wearing a bandana.


Just remember that as long as you’re wearing your bandana in a way that makes you feel comfortable, you really can’t go wrong.