Vintage fashion is something that many often awe at from a distance, but never imagine themselves pulling off. The truth is, there are many misconceptions surrounding vintage clothing and accessories. Many are afraid that they’ll look out of place or even come across as wearing a “costume” when adorning vintage fashion, but we’re here to change that narrative. Vintage items are the perfect accent to any luxurious modern outfit, and today we’ll look at 6 tips for creating a vintage luxury look, so read on to find out more.


Less Is More


When it comes to creating a luxurious vintage look, we swear by the less is more principle. If you are hell bent on not wanting to look like you’re dressing up for a costume party, one of the best rules to live by is to choose one or two vintage items to add to your ensemble. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose just one or two vintage pieces to your outfit that will keep your look in balance while making your pre-owned vintage bags or fur coat the star of the show. Vintage statement pieces are the perfect introduction into the world of vintage fashion and will help you build the confidence you need to embrace the retro revival.


Pick Garments That Mimic Current Trends


Did you know that some of the world’s most talented fashion designers often draw inspiration from vintage pieces when designing modern clothing? If you’re keen on timeless fashion, then picking out vintage garments that mimic current trends is definitely the best way forward. Most contemporary fashion in 2021 is a reinterpretation of styles from yesteryear, and finding and wearing one such garment is the best way to remain looking classy and not like you’re in fancy dress. 


Don’t Forget Hair and Make Up


If you really want to pull out all the stops, then you’ll have to match your hair and make up with your vintage ensemble. The beauty of vintage makeup and hairstyles is that they’re often grounded as some of the most classic and timeless styles that history has ever seen. Simplicity in hair and makeup is the perfect way to accent a vintage outfit, so why not pair your 1960’s plaid dress with a ballerina bun or pairing an Edwardian blouse with a gorgeous smokey eye. 


Dress For Your Body Type


Ill-fitting clothing that is either too tight or too loose is a one way ticket to looking frumpy and the exact opposite of luxurious. When choosing your vintage garments, pay attention to what suits your body type the best. If you’ve found an ill fitting piece that you just can’t part with, then the next best option is to get it tailored so that it fits you perfectly. It is an extra step and expense, but trust us when we say it will make all the difference to your overall look and outfit, making it look classy, put together and just oh-so-meant to be! 


Accessorise With Modern Pieces 


If you really want to blend old and new world elegance, one of the best ways to do this is to accessorize your vintage outfit with modern pieces. For example, a vintage dress will pair perfectly with a pair of modern heels, sunglasses and a luxury bag that will have heads turning wherever you go. Adding pops of colour to a monotone piece or the other way round is also a great way of modernising any vintage outfit and keeping it looking current and fabulous. 


Find Your Perfect Style Match


Not sure which era of vintage clothing is truly “you”? When it comes to pulling a seamless look off, it is important that you pick a style and era that best suits your personality. Pick from:

  • The Flirty 1920’s
  • Business Beauty 1930’s
  • Classic Sexy 1940’s
  • The Rockabilly 1950’s
  • Hippy Chic 1960’s
  • Retro 1970’s 

Regardless of which era you choose, or even choose to mix up, there are tons of opportunities to play with. So choose what makes your heart sing and rock it!


And there you have it – 6 simple ways to pull  off a vintage outfit whilst looking sharp, sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Truth be told, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to creating a vintage luxury look, so we highly recommend that you experiment with your wardrobe and find exactly what works best for you!