Being a fashionable person means you have to add some personal touches and small details here and there to make your outfits stand out. Nothing makes clothes stand out better than a unique piece of jewelry. Since there is no right way to wear jewelry, you need to add your own creativity to the mix in order to show your character. The key is choosing the right kind of accessories and jewelry that can help you show your true fashionable colours and allow you to use the trends in your favour. Here are some of the best jewelry trends in 2021 that you should definitely consider investing in. 

Long Necklaces

When you think of wearing jewelry, you should always think about necklaces. Long necklaces in particular were quite popular back in the day and have started to make a great return in the modern fashion world. The longer the necklace and the more colorful it is, the more trendy it can be. The key to making sure that the necklace you are wearing works, is to wear it with the right kind of outfit and synchronize the colors in a way that makes the accessory and the clothes complement one another. 

Natural Stones

Amongst the most beautiful elements that you can use in your jewelry are natural stones and you can get your own Haverhill personalized birthstone jewelry or any kind of natural stone that you prefer, they are guaranteed to add beauty to any outfit you are wearing. The great thing about natural stones is that no two of them look the same, so you will always feel unique when you are wearing one in a necklace, earring, or even a ring. You can even go the extra mile and have some accessories custom made according to your preferences and the colors you want so that you can feel even more unique and beautiful. 

Chunky Rings

Jewelry boxes are never complete without a decent set of rings. With so much difference in everyone’s taste and sizes when it comes to rings, you should always choose the shapes that work best for you and compliments your hand shape. Recently, many people have been favoring chunky rings over all the other shapes as they add boldness and character to your overall look. You can find chunky rings in different colors and even have them engraved for an extra personal touch to make your jewelry more unique. 

Pearls and Studs

Pearls and studs are amongst the most traditional types of jewelry out there. They can instantly lift up your whole look without any effort and make you look classier and elegant. You do not only wear studs or pearls whenever you are going on a special occasion or when you are wearing fancy clothes, you can wear smaller sized studs and pearls for casual outings as well.  


When it comes to modern and trendy looks, nothing does it better than chains. You can wear chain jewelry in pretty much every way and size for different occasions. Many people prefer medium-sized chain necklaces as they are incredibly subtle and elegant for any look you want to go for. You can also find chains in bags and some shoes to add an extra edge to your outfits and look fashionable and trendy. Though, it is important that you find the right size and color chains to suit your clothes so that you do not end up overdoing it and messing up with your elegant style. 


A fun accessory, you should consider adding to your jewelry box is crystal. The great thing about crystals is that they can also be worn for various different occasions and can quickly make you look elegant effortlessly. Crystals can be a worthwhile investment but if you think they are too pricey, you can always choose glass jewelry for a similar look without spending too much money. 


Now that you have a better understanding of what’s hot this year, you can confidently make good choices when it comes to jewelry. Wearing the right kind of jewelry for different occasions is a skill that you can easily develop with some research and a personal touch. In order to make sure that the jewelry you wear compliments your entire look, it is important to look for suitable sizes and colors that suit you and work together in a subtle way so that you get the edge you want, without overdoing it. Remember to look around for inspiration and do not be afraid to try new things and bold colors to stand out in the crowd.