After the success of implementing digital health tools for individuals, UAB Kilo Grupe has branched out and is now supporting employers. With a business-to-business scheme that can benefit companies around the world, this digital health leader is helping businesses take responsibility for their employees’ health. Here’s everything you need to know.

UAB Kilo Grupe for Business

If you’ve ever searched the App Store or Google Play for a health and wellness app, you will likely have come across one of UAB Kilo Grupe’s multiple apps in that space. As leaders in digital wellness technology, they stay up to date with the latest trends and have a strong presence across the health landscape.

As an employer, you’re probably aware that healthcare initiatives are one of the biggest costs businesses today have to face. As modern medicine treats and regulates chronic illnesses, costs mount, and you as an employer end up spending millions just keeping your employees healthy.

KiloGrupe has turned this thinking on its head and with their B2B portfolio, you have the chance to help employees monitor and improve their health, and possibly even prevent the progression of chronic illnesses.

According to Mckinsey, employee health benefits are a hot topic in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more people are becoming conscious of their health. This makes it the perfect time to take action.

The Kilo Health for Business scheme is a novel way to look at employee health from a preventative standpoint. It offers the use of a number of the group’s innovative apps, including options for weight management with DoFasting and mental health with the Sensa app, and gives tailored support to each of your employees.

These apps use scientific evidence to inform their approach to health and are designed to change the way your employees make health decisions. One such app is Klinio, which focuses on diabetes management and uses the latest technology to provide better access to personalized nutrition. This guidance is catered specifically to the user’s needs and is based on the analysis of health metrics input by the user.

By giving employees the tools to manage their own health and potentially prevent the course of certain diseases, you’re likely to save lots of money on healthcare costs further down the line.

How Healthy Employees Benefit You

So, how does having healthier and happier employees benefit you?

The case for employers to prioritize their employees’ health has been discussed repeatedly, but without proper analysis of the benefits of having healthier employees, it may seem like a one-sided deal.

However, studies have shown us that healthier employees who receive effective health interventions from their employers are not only more productive, they also feel more appreciated and are more likely to be happier in their job. In fact, this study published by Sage shows that workplace health interventions have a positive effect on productivity and offer a brilliant ROI for employers.

Next Steps

For a happier and healthier workforce, it goes without saying that employer-led health interventions are the perfect next step for businesses. With proper tools for monitoring and improving their health, you give employees the opportunity to learn and understand what makes them feel good.

For more information on the Kilo Health for Business program, check out the Kilo Health site today and invest in a healthier, more productive workforce.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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