Howard Stern Deals With Backlash After Resurfaced Clips From His Show Leak Online

Radio host, Howard Stern is in some hot water these days after clips of him being ‘disgusting’ in previous interviews resurface online.

Thanks to the help of TikTok, these clips have gained a lot of attention overnight. Users are calling him out online, demanding some acknowledgment and accountability.

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We have some of the clips, HOLR Magazine is about to break it down.

Howard Stern Resurfaced Clips


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In the TikTok, there are a series of different women who have joined Stern and his team for an interview. In the clips, Stern is seen making crude and invasive questions to the women, obviously making them uncomfortable.

Lisa-Marie Presley

In one clip, we see Lisa-Marie Presley being bombarded by questions about what kind of underwear she wears. Howard follows up with ‘How do you look in that?’

To this Presley looks off-camera and mumbles, ‘I don’t know’, obviously uncomfortable with the way the conversation was headed.

Mariah Carey

In another clip we see Mariah Carey being sexualized, Howard making the topic of conversation about her breasts.

“First of all, your breasts are incredible,” Howard says. Uninterested, Carey replies, “No, they’re not. They’re really not. They’re normal, but thank you.”

To that, Stern replies with “They speak to me,” to which we see Carey looking extremely uncomfortable.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love’s interview was featured in the TikTok as well. In the clip we see Love go to take off her jacket which leads to Stern making crude comments about her body.

“Oh yeah, you got a nice stomach,” Stern says. We then see Courtney attempt to pull down her shirt in hopes to hide it. 

Obviously uncomfortable with being looked at like this, Stern was not done with the crude comments.

“Just stand there for a second, let me look at you. Body’s hot.” 

Courtney is heard in the background warning Stern, “Howard..”

Still, after being warned two times by Love, Stern did not finish there.

“I would do a lot to that, I could make you see things.”

Sofia Vergara

Next, we see Sofia Vergara.

In the clip, Vergara and Stern are talking about her son.

Instead of asking about the wellness of her son or how motherhood has treated her, he asks whether or not Sofia breastfeeds her son.

“Did you breastfeed your son?” Howard asks, to which she replies, “Yes.”

“Oh, that must’ve been unbelievable.”

“It wasn’t unbelievable, I was, like, 19,” She argues, to which Stern goes on to ask invasive questions like ‘How much milk was produced?’

“You must’ve had so much milk. Right? How much milk?”

Anna Nicole Smith

In the last clip, we see Stern bullying Anna Nicole Smith about her weight.

“The way you dress and stuff — I don’t think you’re aware that you’re a heavy-set woman,” Stern says, Nicole Smith looking visibly offended.

“I know I’m a big woman, so what?” She retorts back, clearly annoyed by the host. 

“So, I was guessing your weight, Could you please get on the scale, and then we’ll have an over/under? That’s all,” He says, Anna obviously refusing looking absolutely appalled by the request. 

Tiktok users in the comments of this video were absolutely floored by the audacity of him. Every single comment is coming to the defence of the women who were violated in the video.

Since the video’s boost in popularity, Stern or his team have not made a statement.

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