Nick Cannon, The Masked Singer Co-Host announced that he is expecting two babies.

His ninth child is on the way this year with model Abby De La Rosa. She is due in the fall. De La Rosa happily announced her surprising pregnancy on her OnlyFans page earlier this week. Nick Cannon and De La Rosa are expecting a girl and also have two children together – twin boys, who are 11-months old. There’s no doubt that Nick Cannon enjoys having a very active and physical lifestyle. Cannon is also awaiting the arrival of his 8th child.

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa With Twin Sons

Expecting his 9th Baby with Abby De La Rosa. With their Twin Sons Zion and Zillionaire Credit: Instagram via De La Rosa

He and model, Bre Tiesi are expecting their first baby boy together, and Tiesi is close to delivery. The actor and executive producer spoke with host Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago on Tuesday on Lee’s intimate podcast show, Lip Service. Available on Youtube & Apple Podcast. Angela Yee is also a co-host on the popular Breakfast Club Power 105.1 radio & YouTube shows.

Nick Cannon & Bre Tiesi 2022

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi – Baby Reveal Party For His 8th Child Photo Credit: Backgrid

His young children are ages 11 and under.

So far Cannon 41, has welcomed seven children with five women over the years. In the past, Cannon has declared ‘monogamy to be not for him.’ Nick recently has expressed that he doesn’t believe in monogamy and likes his lifestyle just the way it is. He gave the podcast hosts a very candid interview and admitted that back in 2021 right before Christmas he engaged in a lot of sex.

Answering Yee’s question “about a story we (podcast’s hosts) saw about him having more babies in 2022” Cannon delightfully confirms, “he is expecting more babies this year.” He continued to tell the ladies on the show, “when you say on the way… what count are you at? Let’s just put it this way – the stork is on the way, I don’t know, it could be … this is what I say if you thought the numbers we put out in 2021 were a lot, wait till 2022.”

2021 was met with blessings and sadness as three of his children were born in 2021. However, his seventh child, a son named Zen passed away at only 5 months of age from brain cancer, in December. Feeling depressed, Cannon said his sadness from losing his baby son was so devastating that he couldn’t see his way up and felt so down – as to why he turned to women for ‘physical comfort’ over the recent months.

Cannon went on to say that he is very candid and open about his lifestyle and makes no excuses.

“All of the women – the mothers are all aware that I am not ready to get married again just yet,” he continued. He wants to be in love when he does tie the knot again.  None of the women are surprised as to how he feels. And that he is very open and honest with each of them. His only marriage was to singer, Mariah Carey which lasted for 8 years from 2008 to 2016.

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey with son Moroccan and Monroe

Photo Credit: Imagespace/Shutterstock

A common question the multi-talented star receives over the years is if it’s possible to be equally present for all of his kids? His answer is, yes! Again he reiterates that he’s very active in his children’s lives including driving them to school.

Cannon’s six children are as follows: 11-year-old twins Morrocan and Monroe with his ex-wife, global sensational singer Mariah Carey; son Golden Saigon 5 years old, and daughter, Powerful Queen, 18 months old, he shares with Brittany Bell.

11-month-old twins sons Zion and Zillionaire who will turn 1 on June 14th are with Model Abby De La Rosa; and son Zen (deceased) with Alyssa Scott.

Cannon also discussed his ability to ‘chill out’ and to practice celibacy while attending therapy to deal with the loss of his son, Zen. But after a month and a half, he broke the celibacy around the Christmas holiday.

Nick Cannon Kids Ages

New Update: Since 2011, Nick Cannon has become a father to 12 children: Monroe 13 years, Moroccan 13 years, Golden 7 years, Powerful 3 years, Zion 2 years, Zillion 2 years, Zen (died in 5 months), Legendary 1 year, Onyx 1 year, Rise 1 year, Beautiful 1 year, and Halo 1 year.

Nick Cannon is quite versatile in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer and host.

Recently, his talk show The Nick Cannon show ended, it ran from 2020 to 2022. Cannon is a co-host on Fox TV’s very popular show, The Masked Singer, which premiered in 2019. He was also the co-host on another hit show, AGT (America’s Got Talent) executive produced by Simon Cowell. And Cannon was the creator, executive producer and host of Wild n Out on VH-1, from 2005 to 2020. As an actor he got his start starring in the movies, Drumline and Love Don’t Cost A Thing. Most recently Cannon starred in The Misfits with Pierce Bronson in 2021.

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