British heritage brand Hunter, renowned for its iconic Wellington boot, is excited to reveal the brand’s refreshed identity, values and creative direction with the launch of For The World Outside Campaign.

Celebrating everyday exploration for over 160 years, Hunter is being redefined for future generations. The new campaign is the first under the new leadership of CEO Paolo Porta alongside CMO Claudia Plant. It marks the brand’s refreshed identity, values and creative direction, ultimately repositioning Hunter as the leading iconic outdoor lifestyle brand.

Seven unique individuals with strong connections to nature are highlighted in the campaign. While each person has a different background, they are brought together with their inspirational ties to nature and community. The creative cast is seen wearing Hunter’s Originals Collection, comprised of the Original Tall and Short Wellington boot, an international icon. For The World Outside captures these stories to remind the viewer that getting involved in the protection and love of nature and its communities is imperative. Each of the seven individuals are the everyday leaders that are doing the important work to raise awareness and create change through their connection to nature and its communities. Hunter continues to play a large part in enabling people to experience the world and all its possibilities.

Hunter hopes that this campaign will encourage outdoor exploration and a love for nature and all its wonders with a boot that is purposeful, protective and consistently worn, whether in the city or country and whatever the weather. The Hunter Originals are available on the Hunter site.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.