Meet the founders behind the GTA-based small business brand, Crystals 4 The Soul.

Tell us about yourselves and your entrepreneurial journey in the crystal space.

Crystals for the Soul is a brother-sister venture that began in the winter of 2020. David is a student at the University of Waterloo and Victoria studies at YorkU. We began crafting dainty crystal necklaces and beading unique stones for our own personal use over quarantine until we decided to share our creations with the world. We had something different to bring to the jewelry industry with the rarity of our stones and our one-of-a-kind designs. As our business started to grow, we adopted new skills in the entrepreneurial space, bettering our marketing, brand identity, and operation logistics. Through trial and error over the first year of our operations, we found ways to improve our product and deliver a unique experience to our customers. We have both valued spiritual healing over our lifetime and now with Crystals 4 The Soul, we have a mission to provide spiritual maintenance in style. 

Crystals and their meanings have gained quite a bit of press and popularity recently- why do you think this is so? 

Crystal healing has become much more acclaimed in society recently. Perhaps this has something to do with a shift of culture. More individuals have been moving towards holistic care and energetic forms of interpersonal care to work through traumas, stresses, and emotions. Society has fostered a new age philosophy in the spiritual realm that makes use of crystals and their metaphysical properties. This growing community of spiritualists has ventured into opening up their own small businesses, promoting and educating through platforms such as Instagram, thereby inducing a curiosity to consumers of spiritual goods. We believe this growing infatuation with crystals and their properties stems from society becoming more introspective and attentive towards maintaining their energetic selves. 

Talk to us about Crystals 4 The Soul and the items we can shop from the brand.

Crystals 4 The Soul features a variety of unique semi-precious stones sourced from Canada, Indonesia, and India. All jewelry is cleansed before being packaged so your energy is the first for the stones to absorb. Our necklaces feature Italian Sterling finishes with a charm on each. They are made in a dainty, delicate style, and are designed to sit higher up on the neck. The majority of our necklaces are 1-of-2 or 1-of-1 designs, so if you see something you like, it probably cannot be recreated exactly! We have incorporated various freshwater pearl styles to accompany our crystal patterns, providing eternal youth properties and an island aesthetic. Our bracelets feature rare crystals including Multi-Tigers Eye, Black Sunstone, and Pink Tourmaline. Crystals 4 The Soul only sources naturally occurring stones and does not sell any enhanced, dyed, or faux gems. You can shop with us via our Instagram (@Crystals4TheSoul) or through Etsy ( 

Do you have any favourite types of crystals?

Our favourite crystals that resonate most with us as individuals right now are Labradorite and natural Citrine. Labradorite is an iridescent stone with the ability to enhance intuition and spiritual wisdom. This stone is connected to the Third-Eye and Crown chakra. Citrine is essentially Amethyst transformed under intense pressure and heat from the earth. Citrine is a stone of transformation, manifestation, and abundance. 

What’s next for the brand?

You can expect new designs from Crystals 4 The Soul including wrap-around necklaces and chunky mermaid-style necklaces. We always have new stones to shop for, so there is constant newness when it comes to our brand. Sterling silver rings, 14K gold, and crystal pendants will be coming to our shop in the New Year. Also, apothecary items including aura sprays infused with crystals are currently being prototyped, so stay tuned for some exciting brand announcements soon!

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