Did WeWoreWhat steal a jewelry design from a small business? HOLR breaks down the alleged news circulating online.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @annareportsnews, the influencer-run brand WeWoreWhat (@weworewhat) allegedly copied a new design from a smaller brand.


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A brand called @cocobellelosolivos is calling out Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat for allegedly copying one of their cross-shaped jewelry designs. As mentioned in the video, WeWoreWhat debuted a new cross-shaped earring and necklace design on their website, which reportedly looks very similar to a design featured on Coco-Belle.

WeWoreWhat Steals Design?

It’s been allegedly determined that the design has supposedly been copied from Coco-Belle. This is because Bernstein reached out to Coco-Belle last year to receive the necklace for free. When they did not give Bernstein one, Bernstein reportedly purchased her own from Coco-Belle. Now, it seems as though WeWoreWhat has released a similar version.


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WeWoreWhat Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the latest news in this thread. Here’s what people had to say, below.

“She stole these designs from a small store in Los Olivos called CocoBelle. Pia has been wearing the real version of this necklace for over a year. And the store confirmed on their IG that Danielle had reached out asking for the same necklace Pia has for free but declined since they’re a small business. Danielle, come up with your own designs! Enough, you criminal!” stated one user.

“[This] is a reach. she’s been wearing a vintage version of it for like 2 years though? look back at her pictures. she definitely just copied that one (like she’s admitted). I just looked up CocoBelle and they’re similar in that they’re maltese crosses but definitely not close enough to say she knocked it off…” countered another user.

“The brand has commented that she reached out asking them to send her a free one and they declined. And then she copied them lol,” stated another user.

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