Revolutionize your event management with TicketCRM, the unrivaled all-in-one ticket sales solution that is setting the standard in Ukraine’s dynamic event industry. With just a few clicks, TicketCRM streamlines and elevates your ticket sales and entry control process, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

Discover the TicketCRM Advantage

Trailblazing Features:

  1. Queue Management System: Seamlessly manage high website traffic during highly anticipated events, providing a reliable and fair first-come-first-served experience.
  2. Anti-Resale Mechanism: Safeguard against ticket resellers with our comprehensive 6-factor resale prevention mechanism, protecting your event’s integrity and ensuring fair pricing.
  3. 3D Venue Visualization & Branding: Enhance your ticket sales with captivating 3D venue visualization, allowing attendees to select the best seats and providing a bespoke branding experience for your partners.
  4. Ticket Offering Diversity: Instantly generate unlimited ticket categories, with real-time price changes and quotas to attract a broader audience and maximize sales potential.
  5. Statistics and Big Data Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your ticket sales with real-time data, create comprehensive marketing and accounting reports, and effortlessly manage your event’s ticketing operations.
  6. High Traffic Endurance: Withstand high volumes of website traffic during large-scale events, such as music festivals and international sports matches, ensuring a smooth ticket purchasing process.

Cutting-Edge Advancements:

  1. Real-Time Purchase Process: Offer attendees a transparent and seamless ticket purchasing journey, eliminating duplicate sales and optimizing conversion rates.
  2. Face ID Access to Venues: Embrace the latest innovation in ticket purchasing and entry methods, providing attendees with the convenience of Face ID access to venues.

Triumph Stories:

  1. Ukrainian Football Association Partnership: As an exclusive partner with the Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF), TicketCRM has demonstrated exceptional ticket sales organization and management for major football matches. Notable achievements include selling 65,883 tickets for the Ukraine-Portugal match within 3 days and maintaining a remarkable 94% occupancy rate, effectively combatting ticket resale with innovative purchase limitation measures.

  1. Atlas Weekend Triumph: TicketCRM achieved resounding success by selling out all tickets for Atlas Weekend 2021, a monumental Eastern European music festival attended by over 600,000 people across 5 days. This accomplishment showcases our technological prowess and operational excellence in managing ticket sales for large-scale events.

Unveiling TicketCRM’s Widget

Introducing the versatile TicketCRM widget, empowering you to sell tickets directly on your website or marketplace. Customize payment methods, ticket quotas, and delivery options through your TicketCRM dashboard, optimizing the experience for individual events and diverse customer preferences.

Redefining the Ticket Booking Experience

Embrace real-time ticket booking to eliminate duplicates and enhance conversion rates. Showcase real-time bookings, creating a sense of urgency among customers to secure their spots before they’re gone.

Elevating Entry Control

Effortlessly manage access to your event through the TicketCRM app for Android and iOS devices. Analyze visitor behavior, compare bookings with actual visits, and gain in-depth insights into your event’s attendance dynamics.

Captivating 3D Visualization

Offer your customers a captivating preview of their event experience through immersive 3D visualization. Customize 2D seating charts and update seating arrangements in real-time, providing a seamless and enjoyable ticket purchasing experience.

Season/Multi Passes

Delight your loyal attendees with convenient season/multi passes, offering a single ticket for an entire sports season. Customize event quantity, pricing, limitations, and exclusive offers in real-time, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution for dedicated fans.

Join the TicketCRM revolution and experience unrivaled ticket sales success. Streamline your ticketing process, elevate your brand, and ensure a memorable event experience for all with TicketCRM, the ultimate all-in-one ticket sales solution.”

Published by HOLR Magazine.