Eat. Shop. Learn. 

Eatalywhich stands for ‘Eating Italian’is an international Italian marketplace chain that emphasizes and celebrates Italian biodiversity, food culture, and history. Each Eataly is equipped with restaurants and a high-quality market filled with sustainable food choices at a reasonable price.

More than just a place to eat and shop, Eataly believes that indulging in knowledge adds to the Italian experience and offers cooking classes, wine tasting, and special events; “We want you to discover the stories behind the recipes, chefs, and producers that inspire us.”

The Toronto location does not disappoint. From the fresh pasta made right before your eyes at the counter, to the aroma of pizza being prepared at the restaurants, to the offerings of the finest Italian goodiessavoury and sweetat the market, the quality Eataly provides is exquisite, transporting you from the streets of Toronto to the markets of Italy as soon as you step foot inside. 

Located in the Manulife Centre, Eataly opens at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends, with the restaurants offering their first service at 11am. The 50, 000 square foot location draws quite the crowd and has daily lunch and dinner rushes. 

While visiting, I went at 10am and very easily spent an hour perusing the market. With Christmas just passed and my best friend’s birthday around the corner, I wanted to do something special for her gift. I decided to build her a make-at-home Italian feast packagethat we could undoubtedly cook and enjoy together. Filling it with a packaged pasta, a truffle sauce, a jar of nuts, a nice balsamic, and a pairing wine, there are so many great options of things to add to make a perfectly tailored gift for really anyone in your life.  

By the time I finished shopping the restaurants were just openingand there was already a small lineup! The line passed extremely quickly as the restaurant was just opening and the short wait was well worth it for the fresh pasta and pizza that awaited. 

If you’re craving a traditional taste of Italy, Eataly is the perfect place to go. 


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