Have you tried brand after brand of hair care products and yet still realize that your hair isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to shine and be healthy? Io Vivo is a female-owned brand by Syria Tortora, a hairstylist and colourist who knows hair and knows all the brands that don’t work for it. 

Syria realized that all these brands that were not working were because they used chemicals and ingredients that just damage hair, not repair it. If you cannot read the label and know what each ingredient is, why would you trust it for your hair? 

Io Vivo has plant-based, natural ingredients that help keep your hair healthy and also don’t harm the plant. Io Vivo was created for women of all hair types and ethnicities, that way they can feel confident with the hair they were given, and can make their hair feel and look the best it can. 

Moisture Mask $58: 

Hair feeling dry, brittle and has a lot of frizz? Fruits like kiwi, watermelon, and orange along with tropical fruit oils help restore hydration and replenish your stressed and damaged locks. 

Hair Milk $42: 

Hydrate, smooth and strengthen damaged hair with the hair milk by restoring it back to its virgin state. With ingredients like coconut milk, witch hazel, and safflower oil your hair will soften and feel silky and shiny. 

Hair Oil $40: 

Preventing UV/Heat damage is very important to keep your hair hydrated and smooth, with the hair oil you can do just that, sunflower oil, Castrol oil and jojoba oil are some of the key ingredients to give you hair that super smooth, high gloss look.