100% natural-based haircare but with a lux, minimalist vibe that remains kind to the environment.

If you love your locks you need to try Io Vivo haircare – the brand was created as a way for women to feel empowered and beautiful in the natural hair they were given. The brand has a lux, minimalist vibe and utilizes plant-based and earth elements, all while remaining kind to the environment.

Founder, Syria Tortora, developed the brand when she realized that the main issue in the hair care industry was the lack of natural based/organic ingredients used to formulate products. It was then that she set out on a mission to create sustainable, certified organic products that still looked and felt luxurious without hurting the planet or hair in the process. 

Io Vivo Haircare is a brand that was created for women of all ethnicities, sizes and hair types to help them feel confident & good in the hair that they were given. From minimalist ingredients to insta-worthy packaging, Io Vivo haircare is sure to be your new favourite lux hair brand!

After almost a year in lockdown, the importance of maintaining a self-care routine is imperative. This includes showing your hair some much-needed love and TLC! Io Vivo has an amazing line of hair care accessories and products that are perfect for maintaining your mane. 

Check out some of our favourite products from the brand below and why you need them:

Hydrating Hair Oil – This lightweight, multitasking hair oil fights frizz, prevents heat/UV damage, and delivers a high-gloss, super-smooth finish to all hair types. Featuring super hydrating ingredients, just work a few drops into dry or damp hair or add it to your favourite leave-in conditioner and work the product towards the ends. You can also use it as an overnight scalp treatment.

Price: $40.00 CAD

Hair Milk – This ultra-moisturizing Hair Milk hydrates, smooths and strengthens dry, damaged hair—restoring your locks back to their natural, virgin state. Coconut milk helps to restore and hydrate, while witch hazel soothes strands. The Safflower oil featured within also helps soften, leaving your hair feeling silky, shiny and manageable. On damp hair, just shake the bottle, spray directly onto hair (avoiding roots-less is more) and brush the hair from the bottom up- then, just blow dry your hair or air dry as usual and you’re good to go!

Price: $42.00 CAD

IVH Comb – The super lux IVH Comb is a must-have! This wide-tooth comb brushes through waves, curls and hair products like a dream! Use it with the Hair Milk to disperse the product gently and evenly.

Price: $20.00 CAD 

Parisian Girl Clip – For all the babes with fine/medium hair types, this clip was made for you. Inspired by the modern Parisian woman, this chic hair clip is perfect for a quick and effortless look- just like if you were strolling the streets of Paris. 

Price: $12.50 CAD

Check out iovivohair.ca to shop for all of our favourite products and more!