Meet the founder behind the all-natural haircare brand!

JŪS By Oreya is clean, natural, and safe. The Toronto-based brand is passionate about revolutionizing the hair care industry with its lineup of all-natural products, all of which work in tandem with one another to give you #hairgoals- ensuring your hair gets the necessary moisture and nutrients needed to look fabulous!

Today, HOLR is chatting with founder Alexa (Lex) Brittany to discuss the brand’s beginnings, the latest product launches, and what’s next for JŪS By Oreya.

Tell us about yourself and how you founded your Toronto-based hair care company, JŪS By Oreya.

My name is Lex and I am the founder of both Oreya Studio (Hair and Beauty Salon) and JŪS By Oreya! I founded JŪS all-natural hair care products about 8 months after opening my hair salon. It was always a dream of mine and a plan to own my own hair care company and sell our own brand off of our shelves, instead of carrying other brands for our customers! I also found a huge gap in the hair product industry for salons to be able to carry all-natural hair products that truly won’t damage or strip hair, is extremely gentle, and really works!

How are you redefining hair care with your clean, all-natural product lineup?

When I set out to launch my own hair care products it was a no-brainer for me to make sure I came out with what I believe was a gap in the market. Being a hair care enthusiast, especially with hair masks, I 1) really wanted to be able to have a mask that didn’t restrict you to when and where you could take care of your hair. There were always time limit restrictions when you need to wash out or having to stand in the shower and wait for the mask to do its thing. I would even hear from my clients at the salon that they wouldn’t be able to do any treatments often because they were so busy. 2) I also knew that so many people, including myself, love DIY hair masks! Being able to include all the best, healthy ingredients yourself and being able to visually trust and see that what you’re putting in your hair is clean and all-natural (honey, avocado, coconut water/oil, etc). 

The only problem was that it can get messy, expensive, and typically 1 use! So enter JŪS – hand-made professionally for you with DIY-inspired natural ingredients, no fillers, no time limit, can be applied directly onto dry hair, safe for ALL ages and during pregnancy, etc! From there we continued to come out with the best hair care products that I truly believe there is nothing like on the market still, down to the specific choice of the unique ingredients in every product we have (even our Shampū uses foaming apples and coconuts to cleanse)! I am so happy to continuously hear how much we have changed so many of our customers’ hair and have been able to transition so many to an all-natural hair care regimen that really works!

Talk to us about your latest product that just launched, the JŪS Microfibre Towel.

We are SO excited about our new Microfibre Towel for so many reasons! One of them was that we really felt that was something missing in many hair care routines as a very important step to happy and healthy hair! Our hair is not meant to be wrapped up in a body towel or terry cloth material. That can cause so many split ends, friction, frizz, and damage to the hair. Microfibre towels are so much more gentle and soft so they won’t damage the hair (especially colour treated hair). The smaller fibres won’t snag or tangle hair strands or cause friction resulting in much less breakage! Curly hair babes also benefit so much from using a microfibre towel since it won’t weigh down the hair (even at the roots) or leave waves/curls dull or frizzy. Our towel is super soft (and the cutest we must say), like a pink cloud for your hair! If you’re going to invest in products that help your hair it’s also so important to watch how you treat your hair with the little things down to your hair drying process!

What are some other amazing products we can shop from the brand? 

We have such an amazing lineup from hair masks to 100% all-natural hair treatment oil, the most lightweight hair styling serum, and of course Shampoo and Conditioner! I really want to highlight our Hair Cleanser & Hair Moisturizer because it’s an actual game changer! It’s a MUST HAVE in your hair care routine. We formulated them to work with the hair mask as we chose a lot of the same ingredients but in wash form! I always say, what is the point in doing deep conditioning hair masks/treatments and then stripping all of those nutrients and ingredients away right after with a harsher shampoo?! Our Cleanser is so gentle as it uses foaming apples and coconuts to cleanse and is also jam-packed with deep conditioning ingredients and nutrients including Broccoli Seed Oil, Cantaloupe Extract, Vitamin B5, Soy and Oat protein, Avocado oil, etc! The Hair Moisturizer is also a big customer favourite because again it’s made like the hair mask but sealing everything in as the last step of your hair wash! They will seriously leave your hair so soft, shiny, bouncy, and lightweight! We call this set (hair mask, cleanser, and moisturizer) The Beginner JŪS Babe Set, and it comes in our large size + new mini travel size set! 

What’s next for JŪS By Oreya?

I love to continuously surprise my customers! There’s so much I have planned for this brand and company and hoping that we can do all the things we’ve been waiting to do that had to be paused due to the pandemic. I am always coming out with new products have been working on the next one(s) for quite some time now that I’m really excited about! Not going to share what it is yet of course, but can say that BIG, BIG changes and new things are coming and I’ve been working so hard on this next chapter of JŪS! Also, you’ll be seeing us in other “areas” in the new year as well… *wink

Published by HOLR Magazine.