Is Austin McBroom living with Halle Bailey and DDG? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors following Ausitn’s latest Snapchat videos.

DDG and Halle

According to this TikTok video posted by user @bekahdayy, Austin McBroom is continuing his Snapchat adventures by posting himself cooking Ramen at DDG and Halle Bailey’s house.

Austin McBroom Snapchat

In the viral video, McBroom posted online, he can be seen cooking on the stove while DDG walks by and tells him to keep it down because the abby- their newborn- is sleeping. Following this interaction, McBroom proceeds to turn on music- loudly- to which DDG posts his response online in this related video (@wrldofddg).

In the clip DDG posted, he is telling Google to turn the music “all the way down” to which McBroom seemingly apologizes for putting the music on stating, “My bad.” Then, in the video McBroom posted, he can be seen talking about how the baby is crying in the background of his clips.

Austin McBroom RV

McBroom moved out of the home he shared with his ex Catherine following their recent divorce, so he seemingly moved into an RV right outside of the house, which the internet went wild about. However, it now seems as though he is staying with friends.

What do you think about this alleged interaction? Is McBroom overstaying his welcome?

Published by HOLR Magazine.