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Your makeup probably won’t survive your workout. That’s just a fact. But is it really that bad to throw on some foundation before you hit the gym?

It’s like popping pimples: we all know it isn’t good to do, but it’s tempting, nonetheless. Busy schedules end in gym pit stops between class and work. It becomes convenient to leave on your makeup and just try to touch it up after a workout.

But the reality is your skin needs to breathe — especially when you work up a sweat.

Clogged Pores

Foundation, concealer and powder will clog up your pores. Even if you don’t get active acne, your skin can become congested, which leads to blackheads and uneven texture. As you sweat, your body works to release heat and your pores open up to let toxins out through your skin. This sounds great in theory, but if there is a barrier of makeup over your skin, it can cause the sweat, oils and cosmetics to produce a solution that will infect your pores. Gross.

Eye Makeup

Mascara and eye makeup is much less problematic than foundation, because the likelihood of getting acne around the eyes is significantly lower. That being said, it can still be a bad idea because, depending on the intensity of your workout, it can slide into your eye as your sweat breaks it apart. Overall, it is more a matter of comfort.

Dirty Hands

If you find you are breaking out after a trip to the gym, you may be making the mistake of wiping sweat off your face with your hands. While working out, you touch so many different shared surfaces — structures that have been touched and sweated all over by other gym frequenters. And though everyone is supposed to wipe down each surface after they’ve finished with it, it’s still never a good enough clean to prevent it from being covered in bacteria. Bringing a sweat towel is a safer option than using your hands.


Gym Bag Beauty Buys

Sweat Towel

The Small Towel by Lulu Lemon is made with absorbent and lightweight material to help whisk sweat off your face mid-workout. Lulu Lemon The (Small) Towel, $22,

Travel Bottle Set

Fill up your favourite face wash and cream into travel containers, so you can cleanse before your workout. Muji PET Bottle Aluminum Cap, $3,

Hair Ties

Invisibobble hair ties have a unique spiral shape that keep your hair out of the way your entire workout. Invisibobble Power the Strong Grip, $11,


Lush’s Tea Tree Water comes in a convenient spray bottle which makes it perfect for on-the-go and helps to kill any bacteria that is left over after your workout.  LUSH Tea Tree Water, $23,

Dry Shampoo

Instantly get rid of greasy-looking hair by spraying some dry shampoo into your roots. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, $16,



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