Introducing PLT x Amrezy!

PLT x Amrezy

Image Credit: PLT x Amrezy

Fashion brand PrettyLittleThing (PLT) and beauty guru Amra Olević Reyes (known to her followers as Amrezy) have teamed up to create an iconic makeup collection that recently made its debut at this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) during The Blondes runway show. Amra launched her vegan and cruelty-free 18-piece makeup collection in collaboration with PLT as part of the brand’s first-ever major beauty campaign.

With Amra being a prominent figure in the beauty community, it’s only fitting that everything from the PLT x Amrezy collection is an absolute must-add to your everyday makeup routine. This stunning collection of products was thoughtfully designed using colours and formulas that were exclusively decided by Amra. These include fall-inspired shades, from golden nudes to subtle blushes and everything in between. Amra created these makeup must-haves to be used on their own or in conjunction with your other go-to products for a picture-perfect look.

“Having worked as an Ambassador for PLT for over 5 years on the fashion side, it was such a natural conversation when discussing a potential makeup collaboration. I am so proud of this collection, especially all of the lip products which have been my go-to’s over the last few months. I’m excited to finally share this with all of my followers,” says Amra.

Today, HOLR had the opportunity to chat with Amra to learn all about her latest launch with PLT, including how involved she was with the design process, some of her go-to products from the collab, and so much more! Keep reading to get the behind-the-scenes details on the most iconic makeup collab of all time.

PLT x Amrezy

Image Credit: PLT x Amrezy

Talk to us about how this makeup collaboration with PrettyLittleThing came to be.

So, I’ve been working with PrettyLittleThing for quite some time. We have a really harmonious, long-standing working relationship. When they approached me last fall and asked me to be a part of this beauty collaboration I was like, “Oh My God this is amazing!” I absolutely love working with them and it’s been so long since we’ve had our partnership.

This couldn’t be a more perfect fit!

What can we expect when shopping PLT x AmRezy? Tell us about your latest collection with the brand, which includes a vegan and cruelty-free 18-piece makeup lineup. 

It comes with a little bit of everything. It comes with cream blushes, liquid highlighters, and plenty of nude lips! There’s a little bit for everyone, especially with the nude lips- there’s a light, medium, and deeper shade all with lip pencils, lipsticks, and lip glosses.

There’s really something for everyone, depending on if you want more of a peachy blush or pinky blush. Plus, the liquid highlighters come in different colours. The collection has a lot of variety, so if anyone is looking for the next thing for fall, I definitely think that they can find it in this collection. I would say it could be fun, and it could also be something that could become a staple in your makeup routine.

How close were you in terms of being involved in the collection’s design process?

I was very, very close. That to me is the most imperative process of any collaboration, as far as formulation, colours, packaging, etc. If I’m putting my name on something, it has to be right. I’m always thinking of the consumer- not just myself. It’s not just for me, but for everyone else.

When everything was finally finalized and improved, I was like, “I’m really happy with this” and it was ready to go out to the world. I want to make sure besides me liking it, I need other people to like it, as well! That’s the whole point.

PLT x Amrezy

Image Credit: PLT x Amrezy

What are some of your go-to products from the collab?

I’m going to say the lip colours!

My favourite step in my routine is lips. Since this is like the last step, it’s kind of like that cherry on top. Anytime I’m about to do my lips, I’m like, “okay this is about to finish my entire makeup routine,” and I get the most excited to put on my lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss- that’s the combination.

With fall quickly approaching, what are some of the must-haves from the collection that we should add to our everyday fall makeup routine?

I actually named one of the blushes “Autumn” specifically, because it kind of reminds me of fall. It’s a very mauve-y shade and when I think of fall I think of this shade.

I would definitely say add-to-cart “Autumn” cream blush- for sure!

You recently debuted this collection at this year’s NYFW! What was this experience like?

It was surreal!

It was so crazy because I really love The Blondes, so to be able to feature the beauty collection on the models was so surreal. Seeing them walk down the runway, I could recognize the makeup- I already know how the colours look! I could just pinpoint what was used and it was just so cool to see the models wearing it. It was such an amazing experience!

What are you most excited about when it comes to this new collection launch? 

I can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts and see people wearing it! To me, it’s the most fulfilling part. I’ve been wearing it for months so it’s not new to me anymore as much as I’m still going to pull for it- it’s literally my staple, my holy grail, and always in my bag- but the excitement for me comes from seeing it on other people. When I see people saying “this is my favourite” or “I love this” to me, that’s going to be the most fulfilling part about working on everything and seeing it all come together.

PLT x Amrezy

Image Credit: PLT x Amrezy

Be sure to shop PLT x Amrezy today as the collection officially dropped this month! Check out the brand’s official website for more information and to shop Amra’s must-haves!

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