Are you ready to blow away the rules of volume? A first for L’Oreal Paris, this new mascara provides the quality and results of a luxury product yet with a lightweight feel. 

L’Oreal Paris recently introduced its new Air Volume Mega Mascara. The product is unlike any other released by the brand, creating a product that adds incredible volume and lift to your lashes whilst offering a lightweight feel. From a survey, 84% of women stated the volume feels light as air.

Don’t weigh down your lashes any longer! The new formula is air-whipped to provide incredible volume. It also makes use of a double bristle brush, with short bristles to apply from the root of the lash and long bristles to distribute the product evenly throughout the lash. 

Everything even down to the packaging is created with the quality of the product in mind. The metallic balloon-shaped packaging seals in the airy formula and ensures you receive the same dramatic levels of volume every time.

With up to 24 hours of hold for all-day wear, smudge and flake resistance, and incredible volume, you get a mascara you can trust every day.

Tips and insight from Jodi Urichuk, L’Oréal Paris Makeup Artist and Expert

Mascara has always been an integral part of my makeup life. This is the one product that can trick my husband into thinking I have a full face of makeup on (not kidding) I had two coats of L’Oréal Paris Air Volume Mega Volume Mascara on and he said I looked so beautiful! I have smaller hooded eyes so lashes are something that really opens and elevates any eye look on me.

So needless to say this is my new favourite mascara and here’s why. This formula is air-whipped to create mega volume that feels light as air. The double-stacked cushion bristle brush (say that 3 times) has shorter and longer bristles. The shorter being the ones who hug and coat the lashes at the root, and the longer bristles coat evenly right through to the tip. I didn’t need to curl my lashes which is rare and so exciting. This is one of those times you let the brush and incredibly long-wearing formula do the work.

Look straight ahead and place the brush at the base of your lash to initiate volume and roll your brush up to the tip. Several thin layers stay longer and achieve that ultimate length and clump-free volume. One coat lifts lengthen and plump the lash fringe, the second coats the lashes for that mega volume, the third is full-blown out the volume. It’s buildable, clump-free volume at its best. You can always turn your brush vertically for that ultimate lift on the inner and outer corners.

This is a mascara for every type of lash!

You can find out more about the Air Volume Mega Mascara and shop the product here.