Rumors are running wild online alleging that King Charles is terminal and may be abdicating the throne. HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors.

King Charles III Diagnosis

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer recently, as HOLR mentioned here, despite an original battle with an enlarged prostate. Today, footage of a “mysterious” helicopter arriving at the palace has caused speculation online regarding the state of King Charles’ health.

As you can see in this video posted by user @dailymailroyals, a helicopter was seen going into Buckingham Palace. There was no official word on who was in the helicopter or what it was doing there.


This incident caused quite a stir online as people flooded the comment section with speculation regarding King Charles’ health. Although we are unaware of what type of cancer King Charles has or what stage he is in, there have been no additional updates from the Palace regarding his current state.

There is no evidence to support claims King Charles may be terminal or that his health is in rapid decline but people online are evidently worried for the King.

Prince Harry News Today

Additional news claims that Prince Harry has arrived at Clarence House to meet with King Charles following his father’s diagnosis. In this video clip also posted by user @dailymailroyals, a car can be seen driving in.


Fans are worried that Prince Harry rushing to his father’s side could be a bad sign, but there is no concrete evidence to support claims that King Charles’ health is suddenly declining or that he is terminal. This related article also claims that there is no indication right now that King Charles will be abdicating the throne.

HOLR will continue to follow any additional updates.

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