Prince Harry did not turn down an invitation to King Charles’ 75th birthday, Despite Reports

On November 14, it is King Charles’ 75th birthday. His son, The Duke of Sussex, 39, discouraged a misreport. The Sunday Times reported that Prince Harry turned down an invitation to King Charles’ 75th birthday. However, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex later denied this.

Prince Harry and King Charles

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Despite that, there is still tension among the royal family. Harry published his memoir, Spare: Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex. The book became one of the best-selling books in 2023; nevertheless, it also threw cold water on the family relationship. Furthermore, Prince Harry lives with his wife, Meghan Markle, in Montecito, California. Besides, Meghan missed Charles’ coronation in the U.K. alongside their son’s birthday in May.

King Charles Ⅲ

King Charles III was formerly known as The Prince of Wales. He will reach his birthday for the second time after becoming King on his mother’s death: Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8 September 2022. At the same time as Charles became a King, his long-time love, Queen Camilla, 76, became his queen consort.

Furthermore, Charles and Camilla have been together for 18 years since they married in September 2005. Although the marriage was atypical because of their affair and the death of Diana in August 1997, the couple have been contented. Moreover, the King highly appreciates his wife’s support. But still, Queen Camilla will take on a new title, Queen Dowager, if the King passes away.


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In addition, Charles has worked for more than 20 charities over 40 years. It ranges from the environment, arts, healthcare, and education to communities. Additionally, King Charles III’s reign is the Carolean era, in contrast, the Elizabethan England, the Queen Elizabeth’s era. Furthermore, “British monarch is more popular with the American public than both President Biden and former President Donald Trump,” according to Fox News. Correspondingly, it is expectacy to see how he and his ally will develop in the future.

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