Is Kris Jenner on the run following claims that the Diddy raid caused “incriminating evidence” to be found in connection to Jenner?

HOLR is breaking down alleged claims.

Kris Jenner Diddy

According to this TikTok video posted by user @itsthashark, people are questioning whether or not Jenner is allegedly on the run after supposed evidence was reportedly found by the Feds following the Diddy house raid.


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As the TikTok video explains, it is alleged that “incriminating evidence” was found against Jenner during the Diddy house raid. The Feds supposedly wanted to talk to Jenner and it is alleged that Jenner “disappeared” following these recent connection claims. The TikTok video goes on to state that this alleged incriminating evidence may include video footage. It is alleged that Jenner has gone MIA since this reported discovery.

Reports previously alleged that Jenner may have fled the country to seek refuge in a location far away from the “pressure.” The connection between Jenner and Diddy’s alleged crimes seems “significant” as outlined in the TikTok video. However, we do not know if these supposed claims are legitimate or not as there is no concrete evidence to support the rumors involving Jenner being connected to Diddy’s alleged crimes.

Even people in the comment section of the above video had some reservations about these supposed claims involving Jenner.

Could this alleged evidence implicate Jenner in a “web of corruption?” This remains unclear as, again, there is no concrete evidence to support claims any of this is true or if Jenner is connected in any way to these alleged crimes Diddy is being accused of.

People also took to the comment section to explain some alleged interesting sightings on the Kardashian and Jenner’s social media recently, which some believe could supposedly be related to these claims.

Did Kris Jenner Flee Leave the Country?

Jenner has been regularly updating her Instagram social media recently seemingly debunking that she fled the country as the TikTok video claims. Jenner’s most recent social media updates include posting IG stories from Coachella 2024 which happened this past weekend.

There is no concrete evidence to support any claims made in the above TikTok video that Jenner is “on the run” or that she is connected to Diddy’s house raid or subsequent crimes. This is all speculation and rumors, there is no evidence to support these claims.

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