A video of Justin Bieber and P Diddy is going viral after Diddy was allegedly accused of sexual assault in multiple instances. 

Justin Bieber and P Diddy

A video of Justin Bieber at just 15 years old featuring music mogul P Diddy is going viral on social media following the sexual assault accusations made against Diddy.

P Diddy groomed Justin Bieber?

Previously, HOLR reported on alleged claims of grooming between Diddy and Bieber. These are all alleged claims so nothing has been officially confirmed but these alleged claims are coming out following this new string of allegations involving Diddy and his past.

Justin Bieber and Diddy

In the now-viral clip, a resurfaced video shows Bieber and Diddy, where Diddy says that he allegedly wants to hang out with Bieber for 48 hours. In the video, Diddy explains that he can’t really “expose” what they will be doing but it’s allegedly “every 15-year-old’s dream.”

Check out a snippet from the video below posted by user @dailymail on TikTok here.

Bieber has not come forward to address these alleged grooming claims or the resurfaced clip following the video of Bieber and Diddy going viral. 

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Image credit via @dailymail TikTok